Vicki Zhao & Donnie Yen going retro

Celebrity’s love life is always a topic of media fixation. Most recently the talks of pregnancy (e.g. Vicki Zhao, Patty Hou), rekindled flame (Jay Chou & Jolin Tsai), and marriage (Patty Hou again) fills the pre-Valentines’ Day air with hot, pink gossip.

That is why I’m relieved to finally see something unrelated to the pregnancy rumor, that is, Vicki Zhao (Zhao Wei’s) photo shoot with Donnie Yen for the February issue of Cosmopolitan.

4 thoughts on “Vicki Zhao & Donnie Yen going retro”

  1. 小燕子 has grown up quite a bit! She looks better in this shoot now than a year or two ago, when she was just too gaunt. It made her look a lot older. I really like the cropped leather jacket she’s wearing in the second photo.

    Loving this new format here 🙂

  2. This must be taken before her pregnancy? Well, Vicki zhao still looks good for a new mum, just a bit more fleshy. And Donnie is quite evergreen. He should be in his early 40s?

    Vicki slimmed down so much after her pregnancy. Must be her slimming sessions here in her tweet 🙂

    Vicki Zhao on sina

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