“Let’s Watch Meteor Shower Together” expands in-and-out

… of the country.

In fact, whip out your umbrellas (if you’re a hater) or binoculars (if you’re a supporter) because a new round of meteor shower is coming!

Indeed, the show has started filming its second season, named Let’s Watch Meteor Shower Again (一起又看流星雨), on the 18th WHILE casting for a secondary female lead. (In a bit of a hurry aren’t we?)

(In passing: at least name the new season something like 一起看流星雨 or 二看流星雨. 『一起看流星雨』, really?)

The second female lead is described to be the daughter of the principal. She is above Chu Yuxun — the female lead — in “every way” (literally, that’s how the source article phrased it) and falls in love with Murong Yunhai — the male lead –, who, after his amnesia, mistakenly believes her to be his girlfriend.

The casting conditions (amusingly) are the following:

  • Age: between 17-20
  • Height: 165 cm or taller
  • Looks: better than Zheng Shuang, preferably both intelligent and elegant
  • Other: Not signed to any management firm

(Wait, is this the casting criteria or am I reading a classified ad looking for a spouse?! Wait again, there’s no mention of previous acting experience either! So… Is it not even desired?)

The new season is expected to broadcast this coming summer and there will NOT be a third season. (Thank god. There’s only so many ways you can milk a cow.) A point to note, all the characters will be partnered up by the end of the upcoming season. So yay for this guy, who won’t be alone anymore:

Yu Haoming in "Let's Watch Meteor Shower Together"

(Oh and I hope the new stylist has the sense to change his hair style. Really, he’s A LOT better looking than this picture is letting out.)

That’s not all I’ve got for you. There’s more.

It’s confirmed that Let’s Watch Meteor Shower Together has sold its rights to broadcast in Korea (ITV) and Taiwan (SETTV). (The first episode is actually airing on ITV today.) Plans to broadcast in countries/city-state like Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam are still in the negotiation stage. In any case, eeMedia is proudly presenting the fruit of their first idol-drama investment in and out of the country. Now, won’t you give ’em a round of applause? 😉

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11 thoughts on ““Let’s Watch Meteor Shower Together” expands in-and-out”

  1. I was strongly recommended to watch this by a friend today, so I’ve started and am on the 2nd episode. We’ll see how this goes, but the boys’ styles are definitely not up to par as the Korean or Japanese version, even the outdated TW drama too. Hopefully the production changed stylists for the sequel.

    Ugh, amnesia again?

  2. It’s funny how specific they are! And interesting that people in Korea and Taiwan would want to watch yet another adaption, with worse clothes. And I actually looked up Yu Haoming, on your writing that he looks a lot better. He does. It’s amazing how much hair affects a person. 😀

  3. wow so specific for the second female lead o_0 though i will feel sad if he doens’t have anyone, but it kinda like, he don’t suppose to be partner up (the rui character) …hopefully haoming have a new hairstyle 😀

  4. i am so excited for season 2, can’t wait for yuxun and yunhai to reunite!!! < just the description of her makes me dislike her already lol but i'm so excited to see them all again, last summer, meteor shower was like my life! 🙂

  5. i can’t wait anymore for season 2, i m so excited, want to see yun hai and yuxun again. hehe
    so cute they are, hope han and shuang can be really couple like yunhai and yuxun ^^

  6. so you attend an audition if you believe you are more attractive than zheng shuang. is zheng shuang okay with the casting list? D:

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