“Crossing Hennessy”, will Tang Wei cross back to the Mainland market?

Tang Wei & Wang Leehom in "Lust, Caution"

Since banned in mainland China for her bold performance in Lust, Caution, Tang Wei has made the career transition to Hong Kong. After two years of low-profile activity and deliberate script selection — some say the lack of publicity is to preserve the mysteriousness of the actress — Crossing Hennessy will present a brand new Tang Wei as her comeback project.

The movie revolves around a blue collar woman (Tang Wei) and a small business owner (Jackie Cheung) who are of marriage age but remain single. Their concerned families set them up for a blind date but Tang Wei’s character uglifies herself for the event to dissuade the suitor — she already has a crush in mind. It turns out, Jackie Cheung’s character also likes someone else. As events around the man and woman start to cross, their friendship too, starts to develop…

Tang Wei is a talented actress, it’s unfortunate that the Chinese governmental philosophy put a damper on her career. But the setback may not be that bad of a thing because Hong Kong has a well developed film industry and there’ll be plenty of opportunities open for her.

In any case, I’m glad that she’s finally reemerged.

via China News

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