Jane Zhang’s first album with UMG

One of my favorite female vocalists is coming out with a new album next month, how can I not rave about it!?

Yup, since joining Universal Music Group (UMG) last November, Jane hasn’t wasted a minute — she’s completed the recording of her new album “Believe in Jane” a few weeks back and is in the thick of promoting two of her self-written (lyrics wise) singles in anticipation for the big release.

The singles “I believe” (listen here) and “I do” (cute song; listen here) were inspired by friend and colleague Reno Wang’s (王铮亮) recording of this song. Struck by an idea (marriage proposal) after hearing a line in the song (“我会简简单单仔仔细细守护着你”), Jane went home and wrote the lyrics to her two singles — which will be included in the album — in an hour.

Pre-ordering starts January 18th; new album is due to release in February.

via: yahoo

6 thoughts on “Jane Zhang’s first album with UMG”

  1. Yay! I really like her! My friend just made me listen to “I Believe” a few days. The song is reminiscent of Mariah Carey’s songs, but it is UMG after all… This song is nice, but I still like her old stuff that have more of a Chinese feel (想你,零点一分; 我们说好的; 画心)

    I’ve never heard her duet with Reno Wang — it’s the perfect wedding song 🙂

      1. 上帝派我来爱你. I had never heard it before listening to the link you posted here.

        I’m not too familiar with Chinese music, but I really like Jane Zhang 🙂 Has she done a duet with 方大同 yet? I think their sounds would be nice together.

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