Upcoming TW-Dramas (Jan ’10)

There’s not a lot of new TW dramas lined up for January (compare to K-dramas or doramas) but they each offer something different.

Lucky Days

Lucky Days

Lucky Days for example is a SETTV romcom that pertains to ordinary people like you and me. About a couple locking themselves in a premature marriage to pay for an otherwise unaffordable mortgage — only to finding themselves incompatible — Lucky Days is as much about marriage as it is about aligning expectation with reality.

The drama premieres on Jan 8th (today).
Here are some previews: 1 2 3 4 5

Down with Love

Then there’s the typical idol drama Down with Love, starring Jerry Yan (Starlit, Hot Shot), Ella Chen (The Rose, Hanazakarino Kimitachie), and Michael Zhang (Hot Shot, A Game about Love).

Over-the-top, Down with Love is about a poor, optimistic babysitter falling in love with the cold, fastidious divorce lawyer, melting his icy pretense in the process.

On a personal note, the previews (below) turn me off with its overabundance of slapstick. However Jerry Yan had openly praised Ella as well as their partnership. Hopefully their off-screen chemistry will radiate on screen as well. After all, an idol drama isn’t worth fangirling over if the romantic pairing is unappealing.

Down with Love is expected to air on GTV, Jan 24th.
Previews: 1 2 3 4 5 & MV



Next on the list is Jay Chou’s self-produced and directed fantasy action sequence Pandamen. Think: Superman, Spiderman, Batman, X-men, Watchmen, you get the idea. (Since I’m on a tight time budget, I will let your imagination and past expectation of superhero shows fill in the gaps.) Note that since it is written by Jay Chou, piano will definitely be a focal point.

The drama will star Jay Chou, Jessie Chiang, as well as Nan Quan Mama’s Dantou and Yuhao. There will also be numerous cameos throughout the drama featuring stars like Wilbert Pan (Miss no Good), Tang Yan (Chinese Paladin 3), and Jerry Yan.

Broadcasting starts Jan 22nd. Here’s the 8-minute preview.

Here, the actual Pandaman.

Summer’s Desire

Billed as a melodrama, Summer’s Desire is the drama adaption of the same title trilogy penned by the notorious internet romance writer Ming Xiaoxi. Although it isn’t necessarily airing this month but it will air at some point and this post is a good place to introduce it — if the media buzz throughout last year hasn’t hit you yet.

The story revolves around the romantic struggle between three people (played by Barbie Xu, Peter Ho, and Huang Xiaoming), all are deeply scarred by childhood abandonment. Tumbling between love and hate, dream and ambition, trust and betrayal, these three people find themselves grappling with desires that are often too big for them. Is it fate? Is it bad luck? Or is it just their skewed perception?

Side note: Melodrama isn’t usually my cup of tea but the previews look intense and dangerous (ah yes, and the hot men too). So it will be on my radar.

Previews: 1 2

For those interested in checking out the trilogy, the book links are here: Book 1 Book 2 Book 3

5 thoughts on “Upcoming TW-Dramas (Jan ’10)”

  1. The preview for Summer’s Desire is REALLY intense and melodramatic. I felt like I was watching Days of Our Lives, which is not a good thing. I’m still looking forward to this drama, but my expectations have gone down after watching the preview, which is definitely not the preview’s purpose. I can forgive Huang Xiaoming’s fried Idol hair and Da S’ overdone eye makeup, but Patina Lin’s crying is in a class of its own. It’s as though she’s crying because of Huang Xiaoming’s dry, damaged hair or because she’s too exhausted from trying to cry.

    It’s a high-cost production, so hopefully the badly produced is just a fluke…

  2. Thanks for the info!
    I dunno about this dramas, didn’t find anything appealing for me.
    I’m a big fan of jdramas and kdramas, but its hard for me to find some taiwanesse drama that I really had hopes, and wish to watch.
    Perhaps Ill give it a try if you review one of them, (I hope you have the time for a new drama, je je)
    Thanks again

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