My Two Cents on Hunan TV’s New Year Couple Duets

Whenever I think of eeMedia, the image of a fat, Goldman Sachs investment banker walking out of wall street danging a cigar comes to mind. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing per se but it’s not a compliment either. I think eeMedia really knows how to create the buzz — best of all, take advantage of existing media hype — even if some of their artists don’t quite hold up on the talent end of the deal. But sometimes, eeMedia over does it.

Like the “couple theme” this year (click image to enlarge):

Technically, there shouldn’t be any feelings of redundancy; you cheer on your ideal couple and I cheer on mine. But when you put last year’s quasi-confession into perspective, this year’s duets pale in comparison. It’s just that less is more, one meaningful duet beats five pleasing ones.

I’m even going to make the case that Zhang Jie and Xie Na’s duet this time didn’t feel right to watch.

The song they sang is called “Why be Together?”, which expresses doubt towards a relationship. I couldn’t understand why they chose this one until the refrain at 2:27, where Zhang Jie sang to Xie Na, “we will be together” and she answers with a hug. (Aside: this song responds to their break-up rumor better than any verbal denial.)

From Xie Na’s tear at 0:37 to the rewritten lyrics, there’s heart put into the performance. Yet, it felt so awkward to watch. Why? Well, it’s not that the emotion didn’t feel organic, in fact, it felt too private. It’s like I’m prying into someone else’s personal lives watching this.

Coming back to my comment about eeMedia having a way with rousing hype, I think having the Happy Family team compete with the Day Day Up team is a smart businessman idea. Let’s face it, we’ve got Xie Na & Zhang Jie on the Happy Family team and Yu Haoming & Liu Xijun on the Day Day Up team. Both couple pairs are huge crowd pleasers and all four artists have their die-hard fans. Let’s do a little calculation and think about the revenue all the text votes that might have generated in the few hours, heck, the few minutes. Wait, is that money I hear rolling in? (Now you see why I think about investment bankers when I think about eeMedia?)

They look good together.

This one between He Jiong and Li Xiang has sentimental value.

The singing isn’t all that great but I grew up watching them hosting shows as partners so it’s nice to see them together again.

Last but not least, here’s a little waltz between Yu Haoming and Zheng Shuang in the Let’s Watch Meteor Shower Together special segment:

Let’s just ignore Zheng Shuang’s bad hairdo and shaky singing… Cos, the hug was cute.

After all my rambling, I have one last thing to say: Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “My Two Cents on Hunan TV’s New Year Couple Duets”

  1. LOL weird discovery. but wei chen and zheng shuang would look super cute together. and is wei chen singing live? cause it’s amazing but it sounds so similar to the recorded version.

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