“Men & Women: War & Peace”

Taglined as the metropolitan “sex comedy” of the 22nd century, David Wang’s new theatre production “Man and Woman: War and Peace”,  featuring Ariel Lin, David Wang, and Denise Ho will begin its showing in Beijing from the 23rd to the 26th before moving to Shanghai (December 29-31).

I don’t know why news of the production didn’t come out earlier when the Hong Kong premiere a while back received positive acclaim. But since art forms of this kind tend to be relatively under-publicized, more reason to cover it on the blog.

The production centers around the interactive mode between men and women from the angle of day-to-day quarrel. It explores the why and the how, delving into the ulterior human needs and the societal influence on gender. While it may seem heavy handed with the investigation of gender differences, it’s still a romantic comedy with light moments and endearing couple bickering.

In addition, the production marks Ariel Lin’s first attempt at theatre. For those who are interested, here’s a sina interview with Ariel regarding her participation. She’s an eloquent speaker.

via Sina: 1 2 3

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