Break Announcement, Q&A Style

Q: I see a bout of sluggish activity on the site… So, what’s the deal with recaps?
A: You know, I’m swamped by exams this term and I really, really need the time to study. *puppy eyes* I’m going to take a two week break during which I will be busy earning good grades (hopefully) and taking care of things that’s been put off. Meanwhile, no new recap will be posted. (But IF I miraculously find time to finish the 4th episode of Liar Game 2, then yeah, I won’t hold off on that.)

Q: What will happen after you come back in two weeks? You will come back riiiight? *eyes suspiciously*
A: There is a tentative plan.

I will:

6 thoughts on “Break Announcement, Q&A Style”

  1. I’m watching Jin right now. It’s really good with an interesting set up! I liked the screenwriter’s previous work (Mr. Brain, Byakyakou) too. Looking forward to your recaps for it!

    As for Autumn Concerto, I’ve officially lost interest. I’ll definitely be reading your recaps if you continue, since they’re more interesting than the actual episodes.

    Out of curiosity, what school do you go to? I just had my last final exam today! Good luck on your finals!! 加油!

  2. Good luck w/ exams! Taking a math exam while in the midst of 3 different dramas is NOT a good idea. Which is why I need to get offline right now!

    JIN is…interesting. I was looking for brain-fluff, and watching some sort of [interesting] political manipulation w/ brain surgery is NOT exactly relaxing. Which means I will resume Episode 2 after exams, maybe. Looking forward to your recaps! 😀

  3. Yay for JIN. Im waching this drama, since the beggining and I definitly be in here reading your recap, if you have the time to do it.
    Hope everytthing will go okay with all your test and stuff.
    Also, hope that at least you have time to watch JIN and share one overall review.
    I always read all your recaps, even if I dont leave a comment ( I know is a bad habit, but some times everything I want to share is already write, but, you know, I always feel grateful with you)
    I love to read this blogg and Dramabeans, so I really wish for you to keep going, I know its hard sometimes…
    Thanks again, and good luck!

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