Fantasy Zhu Xian to follow Chinese Paladin 3

Fantasy Zhu Xian

I noticed I still have eight episodes of Chinese Paladin 3 left to finish and… they are kind of still in the oven…

This is why I’m posting about Fantasy Zhu Xian — as a teaser — since it consists of the Chinese Paladin 3 cast. Or most of them anyway.

Eight-minute Preview

In line with other Tang Ren productions, Fantasy Zhu Xian is based on a video game. There is an interesting symbiotic relationship between the video game and the drama. The actors attract attention for the newly launched game and the game, while growing in popularity (and revenue), keeps the fans’ interest railed up in time for the drama to air next year. (I see cash flow on both ends of the bargain.)

From costume to set, Fantasy Zhu Xian is visually stunning, which, sadly makes Chinese Paladin 3 pale in comparison. There is a certain amount of visual clutter in the fight scenes, but given how fantasy-esque the drama looks, it’s unlikely to be much of a problem. In any case, I’m pretty excited for it.

Fantasy Zhu Xian Comic Strips

Click to view them. A word of caution: they are rather silly.

via mhzx: 1, 2, 3

19 thoughts on “Fantasy Zhu Xian to follow Chinese Paladin 3”

  1. Wait whatttt this is actually going to be a drama? I thought it was just a commercial, and the clip was just a promotion they filmed for it…haha I don’t know if I should be happy or sad, because for one thing, I love the Chinese Paladin 3 cast, but on the other hand, I can’t imagine it without Yang Mi 😦 Jing Tian/Xue Jian! WOOT.

    Thanks for posting this anyhow!

    PS. You should take your CP3 recaps out of the oven 😛
    PPS. I’m very much enjoying your Next Stop, Happiness recaps in the meantime. I wish I had enough time to watch these dramas rather than just read recaps on them though 😦 Although your recaps are EXTREMELY enjoyable to read, lol.

  2. Okay…I meant.. who does Hu Ge like? Or who did he end up with?
    the red gothic one or the girly pink one.
    I understand that Lui Shi Shi is Hu Ge love interest but in the drama she play as an evil one and also the nice one. You see I hadn’t play the game so yeah, I’m confuse.

  3. Hi Irugnotmis,

    Am I mistaken? Liu Shishi is actually playing three roles. She will be Liu Xiao Xiao (curly hair girl in pink), Mo Li (the demon-Hu Ge’s love interest), and Liu Xiao Xiao’s twin (girl with green hair-who turned into the red hair demon-Mo Li).

  4. hahah…sorry I was confused on your answer to post #6, how you said the girl in pink was played by a completely different person. I thought that is liu shi shi too?

    In the video, I wonder if the red hair demon forgot her past? Is that why she question “what 200 years?”.

  5. By the way, do you know if it’s really confirmed that they will make this into a serie? I asked people and it seems like some say “yes” and some say”no “. But it seems like news are coming out everyday about it. Also, I heard Huang Xiao Ming and Liu Yifei might be starring in it also.

    1. you are right about Fantasy Zhu Xian being ambiguous as to whether it will be made into a drama. there is no official claim but there are assertions and assumptions.

      personally, with the building anticipation, it makes economical sense to invest in the project. after all, why say no to a drama that’s likely to profit?

  6. dont mind but i have a ques abt liu shi shi n hu ge in real life.Is there something going between them or maybe they are attracted to eachother?i like their chemistry…n i dont knw much abt them…so just want to know ur opinion….is there any attraction between these two?I have never heard of hu ge love interest…im not trying to bash hu ge or liu shi shi…i like them together…..can u share ur opinion….?thnks

    1. Sorry to disappoint you but last time I checked, Hu Ge has a girlfriend in real life. (She’s slightly older than him).

      As for on screen chemistry, I personally wasn’t drawn by the Hu Ge-Liu Shishi pair in Chinese Paladin 3. We’ll see about Fantasy WuXia.

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