Hi, My Sweetheart Preview

Since I last complained about its lack of previews, stills, and posters, the production team has been working its butt off to meet the November 1st deadline (when the drama will start its round of broadcasting). The male and female leads are spotted shooting bland stills for the drama (despite the liveliness of the actors, the stills look unimpressive and — might I be blunt — empty. The result of a lack of time I suppose? In any case, check ’em out here if you haven’t already done so.) and 30 second previews have been creeping their way onto the internet. Then, there’s the hour-long BTS aired this past weekend.

But before we get to the preview, here is something cute:

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the actual trailer (or a series of very short ones):

I personally think the preview isn’t all that excitement-inducing. The BTS, which provides longer segments and more insight into the drama, looks a tad more appealing. Whatever the case, the drama is a mere week away. When Sunday comes, we shall find out whether it’s worth investing time on or not.

4 thoughts on “Hi, My Sweetheart Preview”

  1. OMG. What is with these guys wearing suspenders and sporting mop-style haircuts? I think one would be rather hard-pressed to find such suspenders or hair stylists. And OMG. Rainie Yang should try to find cuter expressions. I’m afraid to hear her voice for the first time. Mute button is my friend…

  2. I happened to think it was a very cute drama. Definately a predictable drama in many scenes and it drags on near the ending 6 episodes but it is still very cute.

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