Golden Bell Award 2009, After-Post

Did you guess right? Or were you shocked?

I had a bit of both.

First things first, here are the big winners:

  • Best Drama: Black & White (Yay!)
  • Best Actor: Mark Zhao for Black & White (Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night. But congrats to him nonetheless.)
  • Best Actress: Liu Ruiqi for Marriage for Three Women (For those of you who don’t know, she’s playing Guangxi’s mother in the recent drama Autumn’s Concerto/Next Stop, Happiness)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Chen Bozheng for You’re My One and Only
  • Best Supporting Actress: Phoebe Huang for Story of Time (Double congrats to her for wining the award AND getting pregnant!)
  • Best Director: Tsai Yueh Hsun for Black & White

And the other winners:

  • Best Marketing: Black & White
  • Best Graphic Design: Black & White
  • Best Advertising: My Queen (Well deserved.)
  • Best Variety Show: Hu Gua’s Challenge 101 (Point to note, this is the 14th time he’s been nominated but the first time he’s actually taking the trophy home.)
The awesome geeks who did the My Queen commercial series!

Now, onto the Red Carpet.

This year’s fashion follows the conservative black, white, and gray trend for the ladies and the beaus. There is the occasional vibrancy that adds a splash of color to the unlimited supply of black/gray dresses, like Yvonne Yao’s yellow (Emerald on the Roof), Kimi Hsia’s red (A Game about Love), Patina Lin’s hot pink (Black & White), and Tammy Chen’s blue (Story of Time):

Then there’s Ady An’s dark red (Next Stop, Happiness) and the forever-gorgeous Angie Chiu’s pink and purple (The Legend of the White Snake):

Here are the whites, with left being Janet and white right being Ivy Chen (Black & White). Ivy looks very cute in the puffy dress and Janet, as athletic and dazzling as ever.

Then we have the gray scale.

From ladylike to snazzy, there’s Janine Chang (Black & White) and Lin Youli; from sparkling to er, blood-red lipstick, there’s Tiffany Xu (Next Stop, Happiness) and Tao Zi.

Last but not least, the parade of black dresses!

Warning ahead, some of these dresses are truly horrendous.

Above we have Wanfang Lin and Rene Hou. Below we have Li Kangyi (Justice for Love) and Pan Huiru. I said I would check out Justice for Love and I did. I can see why it’s nominated. Li Kangyi has a rare quality of being quirky and amiable at the same time, it’s almost reminiscent of Nodame Cantabile.

Next in line are Cheryl Yang (My Queen) in her Gucci dress and elaborate earrings (very pretty) as well as Bianca Bai (Fated to Love You), in a … fish net. — Honey, did you wrap fishnet over your bra and thought you were clever? — To be fair, her subsequent dresses during the award ceremony do look nice.

Vic Zhou brought Li Lu to the event to increase her exposure and boost her popularity (no, there’s nothing romantic in the gesture). I’m sure anyone walking next to Vic Zhou in such a formal event would get reporter/fans/producer’s attention, especially when she looks so great in that simple champagne-black dress.

Veteran actress Stephanie Siao wore an elaborate ivy embossed dress. She looked appealing as always.

For the gentlemen, most choose to wear bow ties; a handful resort to a casual scarf in place of the stiff-looking tie. Besides the shiny shoes and n-hours worth of hair, accessories are a must. From million-dollar watches to pins and rings, almost all are well equipped.

The basic look is completed with a black bow tie, matching black vest, mega-sized rings, and a velvet suite jacket as Show Luo (Hot Shot) demonstrates. But if you want to dress simple and still look classy, like Mark Zhao there, try fancy up that bow tie and add a decorative pin. If you aren’t into expensive pins, scarves and flowers work too. See Fahrenheit.

Although many choose to sport bow ties, others still fancy the good old tie.

The usual tie-suite combination can look overly business-like (case in point: Wen Shenghao from My Queen), but with a little touch, even the most tedious assemblage can come to life (case in point: Vanness Wu from Next Stop, Happiness)

Vanness Wu

Finally, Ma Zhixiang and Vic Zhou are the casual kind who do away with the troublesome bows and ties all together:


  1. Jokes were made of Sonia Sui and Mark Zhao’s sex scene during the award ceremony.
  2. When Mark Zhao was announced winner of the Best Actor award, his father started crying, then the producer. Mark remained neutral through out his Thank-You speech UNTIL he mentioned Vic Zhou. At which point, he started sobbing.
  3. True to Director Tsai‘s wish, he handed the Best Drama award to his dear wife. When the winner was announced, he could hardly contain his excitement and started jumping up and down the stage.
  4. At the end of Director Tsai’s Thank-you speech, he thanked his mother for always lending him money.

via: sina & sohu

8 thoughts on “Golden Bell Award 2009, After-Post”

  1. :O
    Vanness looks incredibly hot and ‘bad boy’ here.
    Loving Vic Zhou’s simple but handsome look.
    As much as I like Mark Zhao, his hairstyle isn’t so great 😦
    I can’t believe he won!!! So happy for him! I was surprised, but he totally deserved it.

    Cheryl Yang looks stunning, and indeed, some of the dresses are shocking.

  2. WOAH… Mark won?? That’s a shocker. Vic must have been especially surprised.

    Did you finish Justice for Love? I couldn’t get past Li Kangyi’s character. Does she change throughout the drama?

    Most of the ladies look beautiful. I love Ady An’s red gown! Ivy Chen looks like she’s wearing an apron though.

    1. Vic looked more happy than surprised. He was graceful and detached in the sense that it was more about recognition than competition. And he has my respect in that regard.

      When the producer received the Best Drama Award for Black & White, the first thing she said was to her, Vic is the Best Actor. I think no matter the outcome, we all have a name that we think is deserving of the Best Actor/Actress award.

      PS: Ivy’s dress would’ve looked cuter if it showed her waistline and were cut short.

      1. Yeah. Compared to his ‘Wish to see you again’ drama, I think ‘Black and White’ really proved his acting ability.
        Hope that Mark will show us something great in the future 😀

  3. Hi, thanks for the summary on Golden Bell Award 2009.

    what is joke about Mark and Sonia’s sex scene? can tell me more? I have not watched the award yet.

    1. In Black & White, Mark had a sex scene with Sonia.

      While Mark’s dad and Sonia were handing out awards, the dad commented that a certain scene she and Mark shot was very intense. Sonia blushed and started to change the subject. But the dad explained that he was referring to the scene where Sonia was dying in Mark’s arms.

      Although the sex scene was never explicitly mentioned, it was heavily hinted at.

      1. hi, thanks for the reply. Oh i see, yeah, i am aware of the sex scene. Thought the dad mentioned how Mark felt about the sex scene. :p

  4. Thanks for the summary… i was surprise that mark won… but it’s all good… I love how Vic still looks hot and sexy in just simple style…

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