TWDramas to be Aired (Oct ’09)

Show Luo in Hai Pai Tian Xin

This must be a  joke. Or April Fools arrived early.

I don’t mean Show Luo’s new image in the upcoming drama Hai Pain Tian Xin/Shanghai Sweetheart/Hi My Sweetheart (read the synopsis here) that’ll replace Roseate-Love, ended just this weekend (finally!). In fact this dorky, mushroom hair and big glasses combination reminds me of singer/songwriter Lu Guangzhong (image here), and I think it’s quite adorable.

Show Luo is smart when it comes to choosing roles (case in point: Hot Shot). He’s found the type of characters that he’s actually good at portraying — goofy, quirky, those who make people laugh — and goes to lengths (i.e. compromise his idol-star look) to achieve that goal. For a role like this, there’s a lot of room for free style. If done right, he’ll be the gem that makes this drama shine. It will be hilarious and perhaps even enjoyable.

Ain't he cute?
Ain't he cute?

What I’m sour about is the female lead Rainie Yang (Miss no Good, To Get Her). She gained fame in Devil Beside You, re-collaborated with Mike He (Bull Fighting) for Why Why Love and has been active in the idol drama circle since. But her acting seemed to hit an impasse. I may be harsh but I personally find her performances less than satisfactory. (Miss no Good was UNBEARABLE.)

Another reason my excitement went cold after finding out Hai Pai Tian Xin will be airing next week has to do with how rushed the decision is. Calling for Love, starring Mike He and Charlene Choi (watch English subbed preview here), was originally scheduled to replace Roseate-Love. Unfortunately the logistics weren’t done right and the drama won’t be approved in time for broadcasting. Now Hai Pain Tian Xin is pushed up. How rushed is it exactly? It doesn’t have its preview yet. No stills, no posters, and considerably little time to create a buzz.

ETA: Perhaps it’s too much of a rush, Hai Pai Tian Xin is pushed to Oct. 25th.

The second drama that’s airing next Sunday (the 18th) is Momo Love. And this here, is an eyebrow-raising, facepalming J.O.K.E.

The story involves a girl, Momo (Cyndi Wang), and her five siblings. Being the only girl in the house, she is pampered and sheltered to the extreme. When a guy dares to confess to her, her four possessive big brothers conveniently take him out while her fifth brother acts as the narrator and messenger. In the midst of this farce, she falls in love with one (Jiro Wang), and becomes the crush of another (Calvin Chen).

It has the most ridiculous story line and the most peculiar ensemble of actors. While such a story works for manga, once it becomes a drama, some of the more hyperbolic elements should be adjusted to fit the new media form. When it fails to do the proper adjustments, the drama can be ladened with unnecessary slapstick.

The cast is another hodge podge of entertainers, seemingly assembled in a moment of disorientation. There’s Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen from the idol band Fahrenheit, who habitually contribute to the ever-deteriorating idol drama industry. That’s no surprise. What seems out of place is Ken Zhu’s (Meteor Garden, Wish to See You Again) participation and One Million Star contestant Huang Jing Lun’s drama debut. It’s not that idol drama is an unlikely path for either of them, they just look awkward in it. (Though, from the previews, Huang Jing Lun is still as amiable as ever.)

Cyndi Wang in Momo Love
Cyndi Wang in Momo Love

Finally, adding to the mumble jumble is the Canadian-Taiwanese actor and model Godfrey Gao (guy is a hottie! So, at least some eye candy.) and talented singer Jam Hsiao, whose three-minute debut in Fated to Love You was, let’s say, very… rigid. Good thing, Jam Hsiao is only making a brief cameo appearance as himself.

What’s interesting about the drama is that Jiro seems to break out of his usual overwhelmingly over-THE-top role and will be acting as someone more reserved and contained. His rendition does appear half cooked but at least that’s a start.

Here are a few previews: 1 2 3

On a final note, I do think Next Stop, Happiness (also known as Autumn’s Concerto), which started last week, is of higher quality than any of the two upcoming ones. But if you’re actually looking for a no-brainer (nothing wrong with that), then check them out by all means.

11 thoughts on “TWDramas to be Aired (Oct ’09)”

  1. Hi!

    OMG Rainie Yang was sooooo weird in Miss No Good, and that horrible show afterward—toGetHer. never want to see her again.

    Did you see Cyndi Wang’s horrifying “Smiling Pasta”? I think I’ll be avoiding these shows like the plague!!

    btw, you’re in college, right? I have no idea how you find time to blog about all these things!!!

  2. Woah, I had to do a double-take on the first picture you posted to make sure it was Show. I had no idea that this drama was airing so soon. It kind of makes me lose confidence in Calling Big Star since they keep pushing it back.

    As for Rainie, I don’t think she’s THAT bad… I watched her drama ToGetHer with Jiro Wang and George Hu and she was actually OK. She can showcase better acting when her role is not over-the-top. BUT, judging from the photo in the synopsis, she looks more Miss No Good/Devil Beside You – esque 😦 Show’s hair actually reminds me of her character in ToGetHer, heehee. Is she supposed to be Show’s first love or the one who helps him get revenge on her?

    I have nothing to say about Cyndi Wang after the first 10 minutes of Smile Pasta other than, YIKES!

    I’m sticking with Next Stop, Happiness (Autumn Concerto – sounds like a Korean drama, no?) since the second ep was pretty good too. Vanness seems a little over-acty sometimes, but his chemistry with Ady is good. The story is WAY cliche, but homegirl needs a good cry once in a while.

    It looks like you don’t have much time because of school, but 那一年的幸福時光 is pretty good too. It’s more stilted in reality than most other TW dramas because it’s not an idol drama. It’s on every Friday night.

    Hang in there with school! It’s tough, but these dramas help me to relieve some stress 🙂

    1. good call on 那一年的幸福時光. The dialogue can be ingenious at times but not so much on the actors’ delivery, which is my only major complain. but it’s definitely one of the better dramas in the market.

      i haven’t decided if i want to go back and recap each episode or write an overview at the end.

  3. I love Rainie Yang’s look in this drama, it seems to be full of attitude! The only drama I really liked her in was ‘Why Why Love’…her other works like ‘Devil beside you’ were fairly okay, but honestly I could not stand Miss No Good or ToGetHer. A huge waste of time, sadly. I expected more from her. I think she’s better with calmer roles (why why love) and not crazy, over-the-top ones (miss no good)…hope to see more from her! Even though I don’t think I will be attempting this drama…

    I seem to be leaning towards the better quality (be it in acting skills, script, cinematography, music) dramas nowadays.

    About Mike He and Charlene Choi’s drama…when I first heard about it I was skeptical. I mean them…together?! Can’t even begin to imagine.

    I might just attempt Next Stop, Happiness.

    Just finished Wayward Kenting and Starlit, I absolutely love both of them. If you haven’t watched them I suggest you do. Both are kind of sad and a bit on the down side, but it is a good use of time!

  4. when i was watching Miss No Good, i said you have to be kidding me. i cant stand the way she talked, acted……… and the list go on.
    its weird that that series got good rating >.<
    Havent watch Together, but im not gonna too since you all said that it's not worth watching.
    PS: Please do recap for Next Stop, Happiness. haven't watch lots of sad drama lately, so i need to stock up tissue boxes LOL.

  5. hi iurgnotmis,
    just fyi, hai pai tian xin is actually premiering its first episode on nov 1. oct. 25 will be a bts special. please do consider recapping it, because the story seems really interesting (particularly show’s character’s transformation) and rainie is stepping out of her usual good girl role.
    thanks for ur site! im watching black and white right now and ur recaps are awesomeee!

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