Joe Cheng Releases First EP

Following It Started with a Kiss star Ariel Lin’s release of her first album, her good friend and co-star Joe Cheng is also debuting into the music industry; but with a less ambitious product — an EP, on the 25th.

When I learned that Joe Cheng (Love or Bread?, They Kiss Again) landed with a singing contract back in August, I was worried that this endeavor might bring him little success but more so on the quality of the music. After all, I’ve heard him sing in Summer x Summer and I wasn’t impressed.

Joe Cheng has expressed reluctance with respect to his singing several times but fans and friends (Lin Zhilin, Ariel Lin, and Rainie Yang among those) are supportive nonetheless.

Encouragement aside, I still think his techniques are questionable. You be the judge:

youtube credit: starry0309

via: udn, liberty times

2 thoughts on “Joe Cheng Releases First EP”

  1. I honestly laughed when his MV appeared on TV.
    I didn’t know he was becoming a singer and it was shock.
    But I didn’t really watch it so I don’t know…
    Ariel Lin…I’m not so sure about her either..

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