E-News Round Up, 8/20 – 8/30

Originally I planned to fill the “What’s New” section (refer to panel on right) with Chinese Paladin 3 recaps, but the writing is getting monotonous and unrewarding. It’s time for a switch, say a rough entertainment news round up?

Marriage & Relationship

The hottest one right now is the news coverage on Andy Lau‘s marriage and children (impending and existing,) the fertility tests for a child, daily, sometimes multiple times per day. (Yes ladies, he’s happily married. Last June in Las Vegas.) Following the discovery of Andy Lau’s sneaky marriage, it’s now confirmed that Miriam Yeung (on Aug 11, 2008) and Leon Lai (on March 9, 2008) have also secretly married their respective partner in Vegas. Vegas seems to be the all time favorite wedding spot for the rich and famous!

Then, there was the serial report on Joe Chen/Chen Qiao En (Fated to Love You, Prince Turns into Frog)‘s split with her Australian boyfriend of four years proceeding her newly discovered, alleged “romantic” involvement with Easy Fortune Happy Life costar Roy Qiu (Invincible Shan Bao Mei) — which I planned to write about but eventually gave up on account of extreme heat. I know that’s a pathetic excuse, but let’s face it, this weather really is too hot for writing. I’d rather be spitting out watermelon seeds under a fan than staring into a computer screen.

Anyway, they seem to spark great chemistry on and off screen. Whether this hook-up is true or not, I hope paparazzi’s attention doesn’t or didn’t smother any possibility for happiness.

via: ynet, udn, liberty times, omy, sina

Singing Competition

image credit: hunanTVMost of the major singing competitions are coming to an end or (somewhat) close to an end. Super Girls‘ competition this past Friday eliminated Yu Kewei. (Whatever your sentiments may be, I think it’s fairly expected: Li Xiaoyun and Jiang Yingrong are both too good to be eliminated; Huang Yin‘s sudden rise to popularity beginning the week she became Cover Girl made it likely for her to stay. Yu Kewei on the other hand, started out strong but didn’t show much improvement over the weeks.)

In any case, next Friday is the last round of the competition and the broadcasting time has been moved forward to 7 pm. Don’t miss the singing (and crying) folks!

Taiwan’s One Million Star finally kicked off its first round of the famous PK competitions this past Friday. The result is unimportant since in past seasons those eliminated are often given a second chance to return to the show during the Come Back round following the cycle of PK competitions.

Also in Taiwan, Super Idol has decided its top seven singers this week.


With all due honesty, I haven’t been paying much attention to the music industry. But in the 11 days that this post attempts to cover, CoLoR, whom we’ve first heard from the Black & White soundtrack came out with a debut album on the 21st. On the same day, A-mei (2nd edition of her June 26 album, with one unpublished song added) and David Tao (Opus 69) both released albums. “Opus 69” stirred quite a talk as one of the songs featured his nine months long crush for a mysterious Ms. C. The crush ended as the love was never proclaimed openly.

On the 25th, Jane Zhang released a single! It’s called Message in a Bottle (漂流瓶), the theme song that Jane sang at the premiere of Fantasy in Blue (a spectacle in honor of this year’s International Maritime Festival at Qingdao), dressed as a white swan. Watch/listen to the song here.

via: epoch times, sina music, mojim

Last but not least —

Odd Ball News

— which in my opinion is the most entertaining but scattered part of the post.

Or you might just call it random.

Vic Zhou/Zai Zai (Black & White, Mars) became a total hermit for the past two months after the filming of Black & White and Last Night of Madam Chin (sneak peek here).

While he was winding down at home, he didn’t go out and sat on the couch channel surfing for hours. It gets better. He didn’t shave for two months and grew a long beard. The kind one only sees in historical movies. Now that, I would like to see.

It’s only till his stomach rumbled that his roommate and best friend, Black & White costar Xiu JieKai, forced him to eat.

Then, in a recent party held in Shanghai that Zai Zai attended with actress turned singer Ariel Lin (Love or Bread?, It Started with A Kiss), Zai Zai told the press that although he has released a few albums, singing isn’t where his interest lies. “I’m Not F4” may very well be the last album fans are going to get from him. (Not including the compilation that was released during Black & White‘s broadcasting.)

via: sina, liberty times

Umm, this news round up is fun. I shall do it again some time later.

4 thoughts on “E-News Round Up, 8/20 – 8/30”

  1. hey….. i really love your reviews but i dont know why you stopped it now 😦 anyways really? i didnt know that qiao en split up with her oyfriend and is now with roy can you write an article on that?

    1. what reviews? huh???? but seriously, i need to find something fun to write about!

      anyway, Chen Qiao En had split up w/ her boyfriend because (according to her) there’s no more passion left between them.

      they wanted different things in life. he wanted to settle down (he’s proposed to her but she turned it down); she wanted to focus on her career.

      Qiao En and Roy Qiu on the other hand, only got to know each other from filming Easy Fortune. it was bad timing, with the break up and little gossip on the actress’s part, that gave this particular friendship the extra attention.

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