Pop Diva Enjoys A Little Perky Role Playing

Pop Diva Coco Lee, who is preparing for her East to West album, due to be released on August 14th, has a little fun shooting the “Party Time” MV.

From paparazzi to art student,

from nurse to office lady to DJ, she tries on different persona. It’s going to be a fun party indeed.

Like Jane Zhang as the first Chinese singer to appear on Oprah, Coco Lee is the first Chinese singer to perform in the Oscars. There is absolutely no question about her vocal. What makes this album so special is the fact that she hasn’t produced an album in years. Her last album was released on September of 2006. Between 2006 and now, she has only released a compilation album (2008) and four singles intermittently.

East to West includes three of the four singles (the fourth one is the theme song for a movie): byob (the World Earth Day song Coco sang for the National Geographic Channel), I have a Dream, and I Love Movies.

An additional three new songs have been released, “Party Time” included (oh so poppy!):

You can check the others out on kkbox (site in Chinese, account required).

Via: cri & mojim

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