Chinese Paladin 3 Character Guide

The Character Guide follows the order of Main Characters, The Demon Realm, The Ghost Realm, The Divine Realm, The Mortal Realm, The Elfin Realm, The Spirit Realm and Other in alphabetical order.

Main Characters:

Jin Tian → 2nd Reincarnation (Mortal & Savior)

Hedonistic fellow. Pawnbroker at Yong An Pawnshop, resident of Yu Zhou.

Hobby: collect antiques (but is too poor to own any)

Expertise: making replica, has an eye for antiques

Dream: become the richest man in Yu Zhou.

LongYang → 1st Reincarnation (Mortal)

Prince of the Jiang Kingdom, brother of LongKui.

Forger and wielder of the Demon Sword.

Fei Peng → The original personage (A God)

The warrior God in heaven.

He guards the Divine Realm against all intruders.

ChongLou’s only worthy opponent.

He fought with ChongLou and was punished to become a human in the Mortal Realm.

Li XiaoYao → 50 years later

From the future (Chinese Paladin 1).

Appeared twice in this drama, the first at the beginning, as the veiled stranger who took the pendant away, then at the very end.

Tang XueJian → (Other)

Daughter of town’s rich family Tang.

Spoiled, headstrong, and has a mysterious past.

The fruit of magic tree, reincarnation of longing.

A specimen outside of the six realms.

Xi Yao → (Goddess)

Guardian of the Magical Tree

Fei Peng’s soul mate and only friend.

Creator of XueJian

Yu ChangQing → 2rd Reincarnation (Mortal)

The eldest disciple of Mount Shu, a Taoist sect.

Handsome, just, and noble.

He sees protecting the weak his responsibility; has the potential to become a god in this lifetime.

Lin YePing → 1st Reincarnation (Mortal)

Originally a Taoist monk.

Consummated his love with ZiXuan and tragically died in her arms.

Gu LiuFang → The original personage (Mortal)

Fell in love with ZiXuan but was separated from her through ungainly means.

Ended his life by jumping off a cliff.

The Demon Realm:


The “lord” of the demon realm.

Cold and proud, his only goal in life: find a worthy opponent and get beaten for once.

Only opponent in life: Fei Peng

Fell in love with ZiXuan.


Possesses a distinguishable coarse voice.

ChongLou’s messenger.

Cold and aloof but behind his self-protective veil, hides the weeping heart of a desperate lover.

The Ghost Realm:

Huo Gui Wang (Literally the Fire, Ghost Queen)

Pretty face evil heart.

Ruler of the under world, owner of the Fire Pearl.

Uses the power of the Fire Pearl to retain her beauty.


Princess of GuJiang Kingdom.

A devoted sister, protective of her brother.

Sealed inside the Demon’s Sword for thousands of years only to await a chance to reunite with her kin brother (Jin Tian’s first reincarnation who forged the Demon’s Sword).

Developed a foil personality through the long years spent in solitude.

The Divine Realm:

Tian Di

The King of the Divine Realm, ruler of the gods.

Power? Tons.

Worries? Loads.


Guardian of Nüwa’s offspring.

Has magical power to foresee the future.

Disapproves of ZiXuan’s romantic entanglement with ChangQing.

Shui Bi

The goddess of river.

Attracted by XiFeng’s voice and came down to the Mortal Realm.

She is the woman XiFeng loves.


Offspring of Nüwa, the creator goddess.

Waited three lifetime for her loved one (LiuFang, ChangQing’s original personage).

“Love is her life, waiting is her fate”

The Mortal Realm:

Ding ShiYan

Jin Tian’s teacher at YongAn Pawnshop, the oldest man in Yu Zhou.

Knowledgeable in antique and history.

Shares Jin Tian’s happy-go-lucky attitude towards life.

He BiPing

Jin Tian’s stingy friend at YongAn Pawnshop.

Good with money (in fact, a little too good when it comes to money).

Talented accountant.

Luo RuLie

Head man of PiLi Tang.

Ruthless and violent. He secretly cooperates with Tang Yi, wanting to take over the Tang sect.

Biggest ambition: to be hail king of the martial arts world.

Ma Shen (Auntie Ma)

Owner of the FengDu Passed Away Tavern.

Hospitable but extremely ugly.

Unknown origin.

Qing Wei

The master of the Taoist sect on Mount Shu.

Knowledgeable, calm, and resourceful, the wise man in the story.

The old man in Jin Tian’s dream.

Made a pack with ZiXuan to leave ChangQing alone and sealed ChangQing’s memory for his past lifetimes.

Tang Kun

XueJian’s grandfather, head of the Tang Sect.

Upright, stern, and extremely fond of his granddaughter XueJian.

Has had a son and a daughter-in-law, but both died in an accident.

Tang Tai

XueJian’s third uncle and Kang Kun’s right hand man.

The Tang Sect’s spokesman, prone to exaggeration.

He pushed for the discovery of Xue Jian’s true identity.

Tang Yi

The illegitimate son of Tang.

Calculating, ambitious and sometimes sarcastic.

Expertise: poison and anqi (those sneaky hidden weapons people hide between sleeves)

Goal: become the head of the Tang Sect.

Xu MaoShan

Jin Tian’s Sidekick, best buddy, and loyal friend all in one.

Simple minded but kind and easily satisfied.

Wishes: Go to ChangAn and get married.

Nickname: MaoMao

Yun Ting

Owner of the Lightening Pearl

Handsome and capable.

Possesses the power of thunder.

Only son of the Lei Zhou governor.

Zhao WenChang

The avatar of greed.

Inclined to make scathing remarks and enjoys patronizing Jin Tian.

The now-owner of the Yong An Pawn Shop.

Zhao WuYan

“Neither Ghost nor Mortal” is what he uses to cheat men and ghost alike.

An opportunistic man with no exceptional skills.

Cowardly but is able to travel between mortal land and hell freely.

Lusts after XueJian.

The Elfin Realm:

Wu Du Shou (Literally: The Five-Poison Beast)

Known as an elf but is actually a cross between the Elfin Realm and the Immortal Realm.

The only creature capable of producing Wu Du Zhu (Literally: The Five-Poison Pearl).

Wu Du Zhu is said to the miracle drug that can heal it all, including Poison People’s poison.

Hua Ying (Human form of Wu Du Shou)

Kind and gentle

Expert of healing

Favorite person: her master XueJian

Vine Man (GuTeng LaoRen)

Pretentious but lonely.

Rare specimen of a vine turned elf.

Expertise: mind reading.

The Spirit Realm:

Tian Yao Huang

King of the evil spirits.

Trapped inside Suo Yao Tower for 300 years.

Resentful towards mankind.


The Monkey Spirit

Once a pet of Li HanKong the famous thief (who died 300 years ago).

Whimsical and very agile.

Expertise: steal from and trick others.

Wan YuZhi

A Fox Spirit.

Desperate to obtain the Earth Pearl in order to save her husband, who is a mortal.

SUSPECTED to be killing young men on the night of full moon.


Xie Jian Xian

The badass of badass.

An entity made of hatred, greed, and all other unholy wills of mankind.

Born from the five masters of Mt. Shu in an attempt to restore peace in Mortal Realm.

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  1. Umm ur character guide is too good. Will you do like this for other characters like Long Kui? I understand much Chinese but the Character Introduction is too quick for me to listen and comprehand. Good Job!! Thanks!!

  2. A few mistakes, but very helpful. Thanks! 🙂

    I wouldn’t really use “elfin” and “spirit” to describe those realms though…

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