Healthy Baby Pretty Ma

The biggest shot light in the HK entertainment circle right now belongs to Kelly Chen, the glamorous new mother.

Last Friday, Kelly gave birth to a healthy boy named Chace (刘昇) after a mere 34 weeks of pregnancy. Following a brief seven-day stay, she left the hospital yesterday with her husband Alex (刘建浩) and the neonate.

The baby not only adjusts well to the new life outside womb (despite being born 5 weeks early), he has a good appetite and can eat up to six meals a day!

Photos of Chace are released today:

little chace

(Look at the cheek-supporting, ear-scratching pose on the left, isn’t it reminiscent of the Thinker?)

What’s special about this particular mother-rearing news (aside from the entertainer’s fame) is her virtually non-changing figure pre and post pregnancy. While Kelly’s quick physical restoration makes her a token of envy in the body-image obsessed entertainment circle, it also attracts voice of (euphemistically speaking,) skepticism. Some even go as far as to say the child is reared by a surrogate mother.

Well, she did look stunningly fashionable leaving the hospital after child birth yesterday:

via: sohu & xinmin

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