Ariel Lin’s Blissful Encounter

We’ve seen her act and we’ve heard her sing but we haven’t seen her album — until now.

Ariel released her debut album Blissful Encounter today, coming back after her surgery as a singer and lyricist. (Personally, her vocal has a lot of room for improvement.)

Blissful Encounter (幸福遇見) is said to consist 80% of Ariel’s writing, leading the fans down the path of her very own Secret Garden, where love can be sweet and simple.

A point to note, some track titles interestingly correlate to her past acting projects:

01. 淚光雨 – Teary Rain
02. 螢火蟲 – Firebug
03. Come to Me
04. 依靠 – Reliance
05. 你的味道 – Your Smell
06. 接近無限的藍 – A Close to Boundless Blue
07. 惡作劇 – Prank (A It Started with a Kiss reference?)
08. 甜蜜花園 – Sweet Garden (My Secret Garden?)
09. 麵包的滋味 – The Taste of Bread (Love or Bread?)
10. 愛 – Love

Before you download the album, check out her latest music videos:

Sweet Garden




During the promotion period, Ariel handmade and wrote 10 cards and slipped them into 10 random albums as surprise gifts for lucky fans.

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