The Murderer, Preview

Ladies and gentlemen, itching for a bold, mind-bending psychological thriller? I present to thee …

… The Murderer!

It’s going to be wicked. It’s going to be sexy. It’s going to blow your mind (I hope). It’s going to star Aaron Kwok (you won’t hear me say this often, but the man is HOT!) and Janine Chang. And it’s going to be in theatres very, very soon (July 9th!).

Here’s the trailer.

The story involves a happily married detective (Aaron Kwok’s character) who is steadily moving up the ranks — until a serial murder case puts his career, his marriage, and his sanity on the long haul. When he wakes up one day after a black out, his partner is killed in the same fashion as the serial killer’s two previous victims. He finds himself sucked in by the mystery, to the point of obsession; yet the harder he looked the more the clues point to himself. On the brink of madness, is he going to prove himself the ruthless murderer? Or is it a well planned mind game?

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