Chinese Paladin 3 ♫-track

Following the theme song’s release in late May and the teaser preview in January, the much hyped and anticipated fantasy/wu xia video game turned drama (in mainland China that is) Chinese Paladin 3 finally started broadcasting.¹

But first, let’s listen to the OST.²

¹ Broadcasting date varies by location and TV station. Number of episodes also vary from two to four per night.
For more information, check here (site in Chinese).
² Download link fixed!

7 thoughts on “Chinese Paladin 3 ♫-track”

  1. wow thanks for the ost. I loved the songs as I was watching the drama but I didn’t even know where to begin to search!

  2. silvi u can get it in but u see song chinese paladin 3 for the first the comment say error wait and u can get 3 song so get it

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