Black & White, Episode 14

A masked woman swings a hard object at Xi Ying. She hits Xi Ying and knocks her down but not hard enough to knock her out. Once she misses the chance, she missed it forever. In self defense, Xi Ying starts throwing whatever she can grab at her attacker while moving away as fast as her wounded body can carry her. But her attacker presses on. The terrorizing nature of the pursuit doesn’t impair Xi Ying’s judgment. She grabs a handful of lime on the ground (no, not the kind of lime you see in the picture on the right) and tosses the powder at her attacker’s eyes, temporarily blinding her. Panic stricken, the attacker moans in pain and starts shooting blindly. Xi Ying quickly ducks behind a block of bricks to catch her breath and most importantly, to collect her wit.

The sound of gunshot alarms the attacker’s partner. When he is informed of an intruder through the walkie-talkie, he comes to his partner’s aid and continues to pursuit Xi Ying…

Hero locates Chen Lin’s position and arrives at dock #11. He finds her car but it’s empty. Realizing the danger she might be in, Hero gets off of his vehicle and searches the dock for Chen Lin.

Xi Ying continues to run. She jumps into the ocean and latches on to the base of the dock to evade her pursuer. Unfortunately, her foot gets entangled in a mess of fish net.

Zai Tian is looking out onto the ocean on the side of the dock, (throwing pebbles into the ocean,) unaware that he is being watched.

Che Jin is drifting on a boat in the ocean, looking directly at Chen Zai Tian. He takes a bottle (of Dreamer?) out and gives the content a long, satisfying sniff. After taking a moment to indulge in the effect, he raises his rifle.

(This dock must be crazy big to contain the trajectories of all these people without them intersecting with one another. At least, not yet.)

Xi Ying’s pursuer notices traces of blood on the pavement and follows them to the side of the dock. He bends down and shines his flashlight into the underside of the dock.

Xi Ying tries to free her feet from the net but to no avail. Cold, hurt, and stuck, the frustration and the fear for life overrides her usual composure. Tears flow out of her eyes like a faucet being turned on. Shivering in both terror and cold, she bites down on her lip to refrain from giving up her hiding place. (Good acting! I mean she’s good as long as she doesn’t have to talk.)

Finally, the pursuer is informed that their boss is here and it’s time to leave. Before heading back, he gives the dock one last look and sweeps the area with his rifle.

Having located his easy target, Che Jin gets a call. The caller warns him against killer Zai Tian, saying that the Big Boss (whoever that is) says this man still has value. Annoyed, Che Jin hangs up and lowers his gun.

Losing the strength to latch on, Xi Ying laboriously ties her belt to the underside of the dock in order to hoister herself up a little longer. (This damsel in distress needs a dashing Hero hero Right. Now! *ahem* And whoever ends up saving her is going to have the honor of being imprinted by her.)

Watching Chen Link drinking by the dock, Xiao Ma starts, “You’ve been drinking quite a lot. Are you unhappy?” She ignores his question and asks, “I don’t know where you’re from yet. You said you were a soldier before, are you discharged now?” He nods, “It’s been three years.” “Which branch of the military did you belong?” He hesitates for a beat and answers her. “No wonder you were so good at the shooting range. Were you a sniper?” “Nope,” he chuckles light and replies, “A teacher taught me how to shoot. He taught me many, many things… Self defense, shooting, how to penetrate the enemy’s defense, and how to administer first aid when wounded, and…” he stops and looks at his watch. “Is there somewhere you have to be later?” observes Chen Lin. “No.” “Then, to express my gratitude for taking me away from the body guards, let me treat you to some midnight snack.”

But as they descend the stairs to go back to Chen Lin’s car, they are encountered with something unexpected.

(Ooo hot fist fight coming up! 😀 )

Hero confronts Xiao Ma for being involved with so many events and tells Chen Lin that in Xiao Ma’s trailer, he found evidences of Xiao Ma monitoring the police department, as well as Zai Tian and Chen Lin’s homes. (So Chen Lin’s confession last night, there is an extra audience? 😀 ) Moreover, on his wall, there are pictures of Chen Lin and the blueprint of the burger restaurant.

Just as a disoriented Chen Lin tries to make sense of Hero’s words, a beeping sound perks Xiao Ma’s interest. “You have your cell phone on you?” Xiao Ma asks hastily. “Yes?” Hero replies with a tilt of the head. “Hurry, turn it off! If they heard who I am, they will be coming for us!” Not buying Xiao Ma’s warning, Hero attacks.

Xiao Ma is obviously the better of the two. His moves are restrained, hitting only hard enough to keep Hero from charging again. But each time he’s ready to prevail, a gun would be pointed at him, forcing him to defend himself. (There’s even a point where Xiao Ma looks guilty for having hit Hero too hard on the face!)

The fight ends with Chen Lin pointing the gun at Xiao Ma, giving Hero a chance to cuff the ex-soldier. “You shouldn’t do that” Xiao Ma says regretfully before Chen Lin knocks him out and dumps him into the back of her van.

As Hero and Chen Lin drive back, the real danger arrives. They are attacked by the ying-yang pair. With the yang on the roof holding a mega sized rifle, Hero is kept occupied. Ying sneaks up behind Chen Lin, attempting to kidnap her. Little does she know, Chen Lin is a taekwondo black belt herself.

More fighting!

After the fight with Xiao Ma, Hero is all warmed up. He exchanges a number of strokes with yang and successfully kicks the guy off the stairs. (Yes, kicked. Hah!) Wounding the guy isn’t enough. Hero is a purpose driven man with a set mind to save his Chen Zai Tian’s woman. So he chases after the repulsive manipulator to further the fight. As the two of them get into battle position, ying joins the fun. (And that serpentine woman just has to use a silver chain as her weapon. -___- )

It’s now a two on one.

Ying’s addition changes the tide of the fight. Hero’s advantage is turned into disadvantage. He gets slashed by yang and thrown on the ground by ying’s chain. (What that woman fights in stiletto?) Just as the ying-yang pair gets ready to administer medieval torture on Hero, Xiao Ma comes to the rescue. (You go man!) The ying-yang exchange a sullen glance — almost out of fear.

Xiao Ma jumps into the sky and kicks yang, who is in mid-motion of stabbing Hero, across the pavement. He then turns to ying and exchanges blows with her, cracking her forearm.

The siren starts up in the distance…

Hearing the siren, the ying-yang pair make way for the motor boat parked on the dock. Xiao Ma runs after them and out runs the two of them. While yang buys time fighting with Xiao Ma, ying hurries to start the engine. But he’s no match to Xiao Ma. Xiao Ma cracks yang’s rib, then his forearm, and kicks the screaming man into the ocean. While taking care of yang, Xiao Ma is aware of ying’s upcoming attack. As he turns, he grabs onto ying’s silvery chain and pulls her in. He wraps the chain around her arm and neck and ties it in the back before kicking her into the ocean to be with her partner.

Chen Lin watches the entire execution in the motor boat, all bounded and rigid. (Somehow, this shot is unintentionally funny.)

When all’s taken care of, Xiao Ma and Hero usher Chen Lin to her car. After taking out the tracking device from Hero’s phone, Xiao Ma calls it a night and tells Chen Lin that he knows she has questions for him, but he will address them at a later date. Right now, it’s best if she goes home, because her father is probably turning the city upside down looking for her.

After Chen Lin departs, Xiao Ma returns Hero’s handcuff and asks for a ride. Hero walks away, ignoring Xiao Ma’s good humor.

Chen Lin returns home and finds Wild Goose calling everyone to look for her. She makes a face at him and is forgiven for her capriciousness.

She enters the room to say sorry to her dad. He scolds her for not being careful, it’s different this time. She makes amends and they are cool again. Then he asks her, “In love, are you?” She walks away, not wanting to answer the question. But it’s a rhetorical question, he can sniff the love in the air from miles away. “Would it happened to be one of those two cops?” the father leans in, hoping to hear a “no”. At Chen Lin’s expression, he turns his head and screws his face in a “why didn’t you listen” look. “You! Told you not to do it, you still did it. If I had known, I would tell you I’m in love with those two and make you give up!” “Dad! No one talks like that!” “Then bring him home. Otherwise, I will have one of my men bring his head back,” the father grunts lovingly.

The father and daughter scenes are always so cute.
The father and daughter scenes are always so cute.

Let’s switch gears and follow up on Xi Ying’s side of the story.

When Xi Ying doesn’t show up for work the next day, a team of police are sent out to look for her, Zai Tian being one of them.

Returning to the explosion scene brings back old memories for Zai Tian. But before he can sink into another depression, the discovery of Xi Ying’s knife, tinted with blood alerts him. (Looks like imprinting is inevitable.)

(Just for fun, fast-food restaurant before and after shots)

When Xi Ying’s lab coat is found in the water, the fear of losing another valuable friend fills Zai Tian. He runs out onto the dock, screaming Xi Ying’s name at the top of his lungs, exasperated by the unthinkable.

When he finally finds her, she’s within the last inches of life.

He brings her to the hospital. As the nurses push her into the ER, she struggles up (*imprints*) and takes something out of her ear. She places the object in Zai Tian’s palm and tells him, “This… is important evidence.”

When Xi Ying wakes up, she tells Zai Tian that she suspects the explosion is not an accident. The attack at the crime scene confirms her suspicion. “So I hid the evidence in my ear,” she recounts, “If I died… When my body’s found, the forensic scientists will find the evidence in my ear. And then, you can reopen the case.”

“You won’t die,” Zai Tian tells her firmly, “I won’t let another person I care about die.”

Xi Ying closes her eyes and sheds more tears, then she smiles, knowing she has someone to depend on now. “You must be tired. Sleep, I’ll stay here with you.” Zai Tian says.

So with a faint smile, Xi Ying drifts into a peaceful sleep…

Once Xi Ying is asleep, Zai Tian walks out into the hall. His façade crumbles. The idea that Xiao Mei’s death is not an accident after all disrupts his recently silenced river of emotion. Memories flood over him, drowning him in sorrow once again.

Not to worry, because Chen Zai Tian has a fast recovery rate now that there’s more purpose to his life.

Following ying-yang pair’s demise, the Minister of Defense faces pressure from the Big Boss. It is later revealed that the Big Boss is the one hiring Sarkozy.

When Hero and Chen Lin heard about Xi Ying’s hospitalization, they visit her at the hospital and find Zai Tian back to his playboy self. When Zai Tian sees Hero and Chen Lin, he winks at them, unabashed by their disapproval.

Back to Xi Ying’s hospital bed, Hero shows pictures of the ying-yang pair. This is when our four main characters finally sit down together to piece up some of the information the viewers already know — in other words, it’s a recap of what the ying-yang pair did since their appearance:

Because it’s a little convoluted to say who finds out what from whom and tells whoever something else which leads to whomever else to disclose whatever other information, (getting confusing isn’t it?) let’s try explaining things this way:

Ok, there are eight pieces of information floating around that’s new to at least one of the four. And they are:

  1. The man who has been approaching almost everyone we know is Not an agent. (Surprise, surprise!)
  2. The man is the woman’s brother. (This pieces of information isn’t all that important, but it’s a fun trivia to know.)
  3. The woman is working for the Department of Defense.
  4. The woman is the one who disguised herself as a nurse and killed the fatally-wounded-but-possible-informant-to-be Korean dude, (way back when people still commented on recaps *clears throat*).
  5. Hero and Chen Lin were attacked by the siblings.
  6. Xi Ying was approached by the man, claiming to be an agent to gain her trust and cooperation.
  7. Xi Ying collected Zai Tian’s fingerprint sample and sent it to the man.
  8. Last but not least, Chen Zai Tian has a second identity.

So info #1-7 are new to Zai Tian. All of these info are new to Chen Lin (and some of which possibly confused the hell out of her. What Korean dude? What second identity?). Info #6-8 are new to Hero and finally, info #1-5 and #8 are new to Xi Ying.

(See how nice it is to collaborate? I get to make lists and tables!)

In the end, it all comes down to figuring out who Chen Zai Tian really is. Problem is, he doesn’t even know! But instead of telling the truth, Zai Tian decides to give his friends one more reason to distrust him, he lies. He dismisses the idea of a second identity as silly. But Hero notes that if the Department of Defense is looking into Zai Tian’s identity, and later attacking Chen Lin, there must be a connection between the two events. Or… the two people.

Cooperating fully, Zai Tian wraps an arm around Chen Lin and says, “Actually… we are long lost siblings.” Xi Ying cracks up.

With Xi Ying’s new discovery, (the unknown chemical she hid in her ear,) the explosion case gets a second chance. As soon as reopening the case is approved, our four main characters get a call from Xiao Ma.

The first thing Xiao Ma says when Hero and Zai Tian get off the car is, “Let me do a small experiment for you.” (If there is an excitement thermometer, then mine just went up 10 degrees!)

They watch him combine acetone with other chemicals and put the mixture in an ice bath to cool. When he’s done, he looks at his watch and says, “We have a little time to kill.”

Xiao Ma begins to tell his story.

“I was a soldier abandoned by my armed force.

“Three years ago, three other soldiers and I entered the North Korea region for a military operation. On the way back, we were discovered by the enemy. We were attacked. Amidst the attack, I encountered a group of special people…

“I thought I was dead from the combat, but when I woke up I realized I couldn’t go back anymore. I have a new identity, new superiors, and new assignments. All kinds of assignments: retrieve a chemical weapon, destroy a squad of soldiers, or make important people disappear.

“In order to accomplish the assignments, we were forced to undergo a brain lesion. After the lesion, we cease to feel sympathy or doubt towards our target. Even if the target is a child.”

“You are one of Sarkozy!” Xi Ying exclaims. (Like you need a high IQ to get to that conclusion.) “You are smart. No wonder you are Mr. Roger’s favorite student from NY.” Xiao Ma’s impressed. Shortly after her exchange with Xiao Ma, Xi Ying notices Chen Lin’s hostile gaze, studying her with such intensity as if to penetrate her. She turns uncomfortably.

“Then are you still with Sarkozy?” Hero asks. “I escaped from Sarkozy. My brain surgery failed, which affected my efficiency in completing the assignments. My superior is dissatisfied by my performance, which makes me unhappy in response. In the end, I ran away. … They are here now and they know I’m here as well. They are likely to continue pursuit me.”

Story time is over, Xiao Ma heads over to the ice chest to take out the mixture for the experiment.

“This is how the explosion from the fast food restaurant was done.”


I don’t know what Director Tsai has in store for Zai Tian and Chen Lin but since he’s had five years to write the scrip and edit, reedit, I would like to think that the repeated mentioning of Chen Lin and Zai Tian being siblings in the form of either speculation or joke is Director Tsai’s way of mocking the cliché we now frown upon. So let’s assume it is, because that way I can have something new to add to the list of Things I Like About This Drama.

Aside from the main characters, I’m glad to see Xiao Ma coming out from the shadow. I like his demeanor and find him pleasant. Of course, also because of the fact that wherever he is, there is excitement.

A side remark: Zai Tian has dropped his flowery shirts and started donning darker colors inside his trade mark white jackets. Yes it’s an obvious signifier that he’s changed but it’s nice to see a little effort done on the costume since the drama doesn’t put on a fashion show for us.

I had a lot of fun writing this recap. 😀

10 thoughts on “Black & White, Episode 14”

  1. I love Xiao Ma! he’s so cool. =]
    it was funny how she knocks him out when he was like ‘you shouldn’t do that’
    and did i mention how much i love the father daughter scenes too !

    I love this recap, it was nicely done. great job!
    i wonder why Chen Lin was daggering XY during the last scene. lol is she getting jealous.

    thanks for the recap =]

    ps. lol at the ‘(way back when people still commented on recaps *clears throat*). ‘

  2. I can see that you’re enjoying watching & recapping this drama. I too enjoy watching AND reading your recaps. Will be waiting in anticipation for next weeks episodes :3

  3. I think this a great drama. I read all your recaps but this is my first time leaving a comment, so I want you to tell you to keep writting, because this a excellent way to understand better the histoy line and no lose little pieces.
    I always like police drama but this is one of the best I see, because is so hard to guess what is going to happen next. In this case Im really interested in know who is Zai Tian and what the other pieces has in comun.
    Thanks a lot for your effort, please keep going!

  4. Maybe I’m too ingenuous, but I thought Chen Lin looked at Xi Ying as someone who says “mmm, then you have so special skills eh?”
    I was desperate with the possibility of Chen Lin and Zai Tian are relatives, that always happens in Mexican soap operas and I do not want to see it again. If it was a mexican soap opera, they would discover that he is biological son of her father and she was adopted, then they could be together in the end. ¬ ¬ ‘

  5. This episode is one of my favorites. Everyone’s unique personality comes out and it really shows that they make a really good “team”. XiaoMa is strong but calm, Chen Lin IS the cute but tough daughter of the mafia boss (I didn’t like how she was getting all mopey about her un-reciprocated love), XiYing is independent and cool under crisis, Pizi is carefree but caring at the same time, Hero is… well… serious… as usual.

    Thanks for the recap! always appreciate your blend of deep insights and cynical humor!!

  6. hey thanks so much for your recaps, I’ve just started watching B&W and I love it! but really, your recaps are so amazing 😀

  7. Cool recapping like always 🙂 Love reading your thoughts. I was surprised to see Z back to his playboy self. Still, enjoyed the trademark naughty tune which plays whenever he’s flirting/teasing hero 😀
    My heart jumped to my throat during the fight sequence and side by side our 4 leads being targeted. Those scenes were very well enacted & executed. Kudos to the entire cast &crew of B&W for their hardwork and creativity.

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