Do I Need a Name for Obsession?

I love how he gives 110% to each and every one of his performances; I love how he takes you down the strawberry field with the charisma of his voice; and I love how humble and unintentionally funny he can be off stage.

There is an irresistible seduction about the way he delivers his music. For me, merely listening to the audio recording isn’t enough. I have to see him perform. Because the emotion carried out by the subtle inflection of his vocal is magnified by his hazy gaze and the intensity of his body language — there’s a kind of lewdness to him that adds to the allure rather than the repulsion.

This song above was originally done by Faye Wong. There’s plenty of different renditions out on the internet, but methinks, none captured the emotional intensity on the same level as Yoga’s has.

Now a fun song (He is so unintentionally funny here. But it’s cute because he’s enjoying himself.):

This following song is called One Meter, originally sang by Jerry Yan.

One more:

It’s called I Want Us Together, originally a Mavis Fan song. The waltz in the middle of the song is absolutely ingenious. Often times, it reminds me of Vienna Teng’s Drought [download] — another remarkable song by a very talented singer, songwriter — I’d always imagine someone waltzing with a large piece of white bed sheet during the piano solo.

Alright, last one. I promise!

PS: Remember Yoga and Liu Yi Yang’s duet for Legend? It’s a nice song with a different feel to it.

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