The Sound of Paladin

The closing theme song of the recently filmed Chinese Paladin 3 is released today. The song Forgetting Time (忘记时间), sung by Actor Hu Ge received numerous positive feedbacks immediately following its release, giving the upcoming drama a favorable head start (watch the preview here).

The modernistic quality of the lyrics was deemed to have departed from the feeling of antiquity presented by the drama. As a result, a second version of the song was written to better reflect the story line. As the two versions stand in sharp contrast, votes were cast and the song finalized. The result is what you hear now:

Aside from Hu Ge’s contribution, the soundtrack will be comprised of songs from other notable artists such as Cantonese pop singer Kary Ng, singer and actor Ronald Cheng, Taiwanese Super Idol winner Zhang YunJing, as well as mainland boy band Blue Bird and Flying Fish (青鸟飞鱼).

Of the aforementioned artists, Zhang YunJing has already released her portion of the Paladin Soundtrack — a song called Pian Ai (偏爱) — in her recent album. Personally, I like this song a lot [download]:

via sina, cnWest

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