My Queen Episode 18

Wu Shuang: “I’m sorry I’m late… Where’s the priest?”
Leslie: “You were late so I canceled the wedding.”
Wu Shuang: “Cancel… Then when is the next time?” (– As if this is a dinner party. Missed this one, you can always come to the next one.)
Leslie: “There is no next time.”

Slowly walking towards the alter, Leslie says, “I don’t like waiting and I’m not good at it. We had a chance but you gave it up. That’s why I canceled it.” Wu Shuang warps her arms around his and says with due earnestness, “I want this chance. I want to marry you. I want to be with you.”

Gently, he unwraps her arm from his and returns it back in the folds of her gown. “I know this will put you in an awkward position, but I’ve decided. I’m not going to marry you.” She cries, “How can you do this to me? Cancel a wedding just like that? Song Yun Hao, how can you let a woman be dumped by the same man twice? What do you want me to do? How do you suppose I will live with this one?…” He cuts her off, “You can do this. Just like how you did it six years ago. Without me, you will be just fine.”

“What did I do wrong?” she presses, urgently, “You can tell me. I will change!” He shakes his head, “No, you are fine the way you are. It’s just that… I don’t think I’m that in love with you.”

“The reason we’re standing here is that I thought I still love you. Six years ago, our relationship left me a scar. Now I’m back and all of this seems like an illusion…

“If I truly loved you, I wouldn’t run off to Africa for work before our wedding. If I truly loved you, I wouldn’t choose to travel continuously for six years, without explaining to you my reason of leaving. If I truly loved you, I wouldn’t cancel the wedding because you were late. I would wait. Whether it’s till tomorrow or next year, I would still wait for you. Because I love you, I can tolerate everything about you.

“Looking back, I realized I don’t love you the way I thought I did.”

He breaks it off and walks away, unflinching. Watching his departure, Wu Shuang takes off a shoe and hurtles it at him, he stops.

“You big fat liar! Are you some kind of brainless idiot? If you wouldn’t wait then why are you still here? Where do you want to run away to now? We both know it’s my problem but why do you have to put on a mean face at the last moment to make me feel better?

“Do you think you are an able actor? You are not. Why do you have to make up all these reasons to get out of our marriage? Why?”

Leslie sighs and replies dryly, “Because you don’t know what you really want. But I do and I can’t pretend I don’t know the truth.” Turning to face her, Leslie asks calmly if she has been anticipating the wedding, wondering whether the bridal gown will fit, how the church will look, or how much blessing they will receive from friends and family. When she doesn’t reply, he answers for her, “You were only worrying about whether the article on Lucas will be published on time. You never said it, but your actions spoke louder than words.”

“We are together because we look good together. Because we have plans for the future. Most importantly, because everybody expects us to. But what about the man who makes you want to stay by his side no matter how the world objects, no matter the prospect? That’s what you really want.

“We both know you don’t love me anymore. Don’t lie to yourself. Remember what I said, always be true to yourself.”

He bends down and slips the shoe back on her foot. Taking a rose from his inner pocket, he places it in Wu Shuang’s hand. “Wu Shuang, you look gorgeous today. I’m glad that after six years, I can still see you in a bridal gown. Thank you.”

Sitting there in the empty church, memories of the past fills Shang Wu Shang up.

Their promise to travel the world together, with Wu Shuang writing, Leslie taking photos… Leslie proposing and Wu Shuang saying yes… These are all moments of happiness, now locked in the past.

Leslie too, throws away what was once a promising future. Too bad he and Wu Shuang missed each other, but c’est la vie.

When Wu Shuang’s mother and her colleagues finally arrive at the church — whoa! These people are later than the already super late bride! — they found Wu Shuang sobbing on the bench. Buzzing around her like a colony of insects, they try to encourage Wu Shuang to suck it up. The fuss comes to an end when Wu Shuang’s mother declares that her abscess erupted. (Eww!)

Life returns to normal for Wu Shuang. The dirty bridal gown has to be dry cleaned, excuses have to be made to all the friends and foes about the outcome of the wedding. Moreover, Lucas and Leslie have both disappeared. It’s as if after a big circle, everything returns to the origin.

Or perhaps, it’s a brand new start.

“Me? I’m still the headline queen, making my way towards Chief Editor slowly but surely… Nothing changed. And yet, everyone seems to have changed, except for me. Incredible changes.

“Sometimes, I still wish that the forever-offline username will suddenly come on or that once familiar phone number will reappear on my phone. Sometimes… I still want to know what’s going on with his life, if he’s happy or not… out of friendship. I’m not waiting. Not waiting for the once impossible past, but waiting for the next love, the next Mr. Right, the future.

“Before the ‘future’ we want comes to us, we can’t help but to slip back to old memories. And the memory is like taking care of a plant — it sits there quietly and yet you can’t ignore its presence.

“And then, I entered the 33rd year of my life. I still want to experience the quickening of heart beat at the presence of another, but if that doesn’t happen, fine. Because single or not, life can still be full of excitement.”

The peacefulness is interrupted when JJ comes to iFund for a V-day’s commercial. From him, Wu Shuang finds out that Lucas knew about the wedding cancellation. Yet, in the past half year, he hasn’t contacted her once. What’s infuriating is that Lucas appears to be enjoying life quite readily. Just two months ago, he went on vacation in Hawaii. Quite the contrast to Wu Shuang’s uneventful life.

To give Wu Shuang a chance to chase after her happiness, her boss forces her into a long vacation.

“I’ve been running forward all my life. But when I stop and look around, I realize that I don’t know what I have been running towards all this time. In the end, my life amounts to nothing without work.”

Minus work, Wu Shuang is bored out of her mind. So she asks Guang Lin out for ice cream.

When asked why Leslie and her split up, Wu Shuang explains that it’s simply bad timing that there was nothing the either one of them could do — she has moved on for good. “Then Wu Shuang, have you thought about contacting Lucas?” Guang Lin suggests. And thus, an idea spurs.

When Wu Shuang sees the postcard sent from Lucas to JJ that talks about pursuing dreams, she decides to do the same. That’d be, traveling Taiwan alone on a bicycle.

As if it’s fate’s one last cliché cruel irony, when Wu Shuang leaves, Lucas returns.

The trip does do Wu Shuang a lot of good.

But of course “accidents” do happen. First, Wu Shuang got lost, then, she encountered two mean kids who irked her by calling her old, repeatedly. Later, her bicycle faced a mechanical problem. After that, she was attacked by bugs. On top of that, she was cold, dirty, AND hungry.

But magically, when she got out of her tent at the crack of dawn to munch on waffles, her bike was fixed.

Despite everything, still cold and miserable, Wu Shuang continues on, cursing all the way. She falls and scrapes her elbow. Limit reached. She throws her helmet and starts crying. “I’m hurt! HURT! HURT!!! Who promised me that when I’m hurt he’ll show up? It hurts like hell right now! Where is he!?”

At that moment, a light shines on her. Wu Shuang stops crying and turns towards the light source, the sun is rising in the distant east.

Suddenly, all the pain and fatigue don’t matter anymore. Because she found the reason to continue going.

And then Lucas calls.

“Do you have anything you want to ask me?” Lucas wonders. Without hesitation, Wu Shuang demands, “Why didn’t you keep in touch up till now?” He pauses and says, “Because I’m getting ready for my test for Med school. As for why I’m trying so hard to get into Med school, I’m preparing myself to pursuit a girl who is eight years my senior. (AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!) You are eight years older than me, you know women that age doesn’t just go for girlish feelings. That’s why I need to improve myself, make myself a reliable man. Is there anything else you want to ask me? … If not, there is something I want to ask you.”

He sends her pictures of her trip (Stalker! — in a good way.) and tells her to yell, to cry, to let the bottled up feelings out. Because he will be there waiting for her, always. (Is this entire segment unrealistic? Oh yeah, but, I DON’T CARE!)

(Ok, all the awwing aside, it should be “Will you stay with me?”.)

Walking up behind Wu Shuang, Lucas says,

“Before you answer my question, I want to tell you: in the near future, I will be a surgeon specialized in cardiacs. Patients will give me their most important organ to stitch up and fix. But I will only give my heart to a woman. Only she will have command over my life.”

Wu Shuang turns, tears hanging from her face, “I’m very, very frustrated right now. I spent 10 years trying to be a self-sufficient woman. And you, you only spent 10 seconds to turn me into a lovesick fool. Am I supposed to be happy? Angry? Or am I supposed to answer you…”

He kisses her.

“This”, referring to the kiss, “is what you should do.” Lucas answers quietly.

“Did you see this line?” Wu Shuang draws a line between herself and Lucas, “This line is the eight year’s difference that separated us. Now, I’m crossing over.”

“Silly. To me, there has never been a line.”


Nice episode.

Ok, this drama is one of those easy-on-the-brain shows for me, so the expectations is low, leaving room for willing suspension of disbelief and a temporary disregard of silliness. (I can’t watch too much of those shows though, the slapsticks eventually drive me nuts.) With that said, I do appreciate the fact that this episode is loaded with positive messages. Honestly it’s not exquistely done (and it borderlines coriness) but at least, it’s there. Most of these themes are transparent so I’m not going to get into them — save for the one that has to do with being single and complacent.

I like it because the entire drama is built upon the premise that we should not define ourselves base on relationships (or a lack of). Relationships and experiences shape us, they allow us to grow, but we are by no means limited by them. It’s nice and appropriate to come back to the theme towards the end.

Regarding recaps, I will only write when my interest spikes. It’s not spiking for the next episode, just so you know. But I will recap the last episode.

6 thoughts on “My Queen Episode 18”

  1. lol… I understand you about the interest not spiking for episode 19. I started off loving the drama but my interest has gone with all the dragginess. I’m stopping at episode 18 and will just watch the last ten minutes of the final episode.

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