Um, Issue!

I’ve never explicitly made the effort to say this before (thought the idea to respect intellectual property is implicit, oh how naïve of me), so now, I will say it, so LISTEN UP:

I Do Not appreciate the fact that my recaps are being reposted on other blogs/forums without citation — so take them off, please.

I’ve managed to feel violated enough that I’d still be annoyed if you went back now and added the short line of credit. (Yeah, I’m anal like that.) So, don’t repost at all. What do ya know, trackbacks and pingbacks are there for a very good reason.

Come on, I put in the time to write these darn recaps, pondered over the words, giggled as I inserted a pun or a joke, and honestly wondered if people will get them and if they do, will they enjoy them. These recaps are mine (Mine! MINE!)! So be nice and do them justice!

PS: Thanks to those who have shown respect.

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