Black & White, Episode 8

There is no narrow escape, no last minute decoy, not even a Fairy Godmother swooping in on her pink bubble to save the day. It’s just the plain old capture and surrender.

Fairy Godmother: "What puppies? Did you ask for ME?"

But at least, we are grounded in reality.

When Wild Goose called using Zai Tian’s phone, Hero knows the cover’s blown and the mission failed. But first, he needs to make sure San Lian Hui doesn’t touch Chen Zai Tian. To do that, he needs Chen Lin’s help. Which, sadly for him, means he’ll have to expose the deception first — the very thing he’s absolutely terrified of doing — and accept the dire consequences. In short, it’s a big, nasty mess. (Are you so stupid you didn’t foresee this being played out as the worse case scenario?)

Well, Hero better have a darn good explanation to pull out of his sleeves or he’s gonna get his ass whipped by Chen Lin. (Now, we wouldn’t want to see that would we?)

A very pissed off Chen Lin walks into the conferences room where Zai Tian is, eh, “resting”. Exasperated by her naughty naughty friends, she demands, “Why are you here?” Instead, she is being presented with her stolen phone. Having guessed the gist of the story, she waves her phone in Hero’s face, “Would you please tell me what is going on?”

Zai Tian shakes his head warningly at Hero, but Hero sighs and replies with honesty, “Chen Lin, sorry. We stole your cellphone.”

“Why did you steal my cell phone?” Chen Lin presses. Zai Tian jumps in for the rescue,”Well, this whole thing is quite complicated…” “Because we wanted to enter the building for some information”, Hero cuts Zai Tian off.

Now, this isn’t the best place to spill the truth, given Chen Lin’s current state of frustration. But that’s what Hero decided to do. Because being honest is the right thing to do and doing the right thing is Hero’s defining feature. (Though I do hope that in time, Hero will learn to handle situations with a little more tactic.)

The look of hurt is unmistakable. Trying to keeps the tears from gushing out, Chen Lin asks sharply, “You asked me out to the movies just so you can get a chance to steal my phone?” “Yes”, comes the terse reply. “So all your apologies and intentions to make up are fake too? You only wanted to use me!?” Hero tries to explain, but he wasn’t given a chance — Chen Lin slaps him.

Chen Zai Tian jumps up then. “This is all My idea. He’s been hit by the blues ever since he said those words to you the other day. He truly wanted to apologize.” Chen Lin snaps back, “You wouldn’t steal my phone if you felt remorseful for what you did to you!”

Hero: “Chen Lin, listen. I really did not want to do this. Regarding what I said at San Lian Street, I’m very sorry. I do know how hard you try to be an ordinary person…”

Chen Lin: “If I weren’t the daughter of San Lian Hui’s head, am I worthless to you guys?”

Hero: “That’s not it. I know my methods are extreme, but I only want to get to the bottom of the case. I, don’t want to lie to you anymore.”

Chen Lin: “You speak of truth and justice like you are some sort of saint. But didn’t you end up stealing a mob boss’ daughter’s phone? I’ll tell you this, you are not like everyone else, you are dirtier than all of them.”

Hero: “Chen Lin, please. Believe me. I mean every word I said to you.

Chen Lin breaks free of Hero’s grasp and throws the phone into the corner of the room, smashing it into pieces. “You’ll never find me again”,  she exits.

Chen Lin’s gone, now Hero needs to deal with Wild Goose.

The man is shrewd. He’s watched enough to know that killing these two people off won’t flow Chen Lin’s boat. Instead, he wants them to hand over any evidence that links to San Lian Hui and he also wants to know how the police found out about the arms in the first place.

Hero refuses to cooperate. If Mr. Du needs anything, he can come to the police station. They will be happy to assist him there.

This doesn’t go well with Wild Goose’s men. And when things don’t go well, guns are pulled, blood ready to be spilled.

But as everybody is locked in a tense configuration under gun point, Wild Goose’s phone rings. The mob boss wants to see the two cops.

Hero and Zai Tian were given a ride to the mob boss’ residence in a spiffy limo. They were ushered into the enormous maison and up the stairs to the boss’ private kitchen.

The mob boss is waiting for them in front of a large grill. Upon their entrance, he slaps a piece of steak onto the grill and waits as the fume of the sizzling stake filters the room. Then with practiced skill, he seasons the steak, cuts it, and serves the meat.

(Some screenshots on the food, just because.)

Contemplating the plate of medium steak, Hero cuts to the chase, “Director, you didn’t just invite us over to try your cuisine did you?” Ignoring Hero, the director takes a bite of the steak and remarks, “Umm, then lean meat and the fat are perfectly proportioned.”  Hero continues, “The reason we started to investigate San Lian Hui originates from a gun. And that gun may be released into the market from San Lian Hui. We hope Director you would provide us with the serial numbers and buyers’ information. As long as you agree to help, I will disregard the gun trade as well as the guns your men are carrying illegally.”

Wild Goose shoots Hero a look — this cop is either extremely bold or he’s just brainless. The director nods and says, “I don’t know you that well, why should I help you?” (All the while, Chen Zai Tian is enjoying his plate of steak. Umm yumm!)

Unbudging, Hero counters, “If San Lian Hui consider itself a legal corporation, then providing police aid is a natural responsibility any citizen will proudly oblige. No negotiation required.” Weighing the benefits and costs, the director says, “What you are digging into is a big secret. You sure you want to dispel that secret?” “For Truth, even the darkest secret will be revealed.”

Impressed with Hero’s bravery, the director takes his plate and sits down by Zai Tian’s side and turns to him (because this guy has been doing a lot of eating and not much talking), “What do you think?” he asks, “Should I accept the conditions?” Zai Tian assembles a sandwich styled persuasion to reinforce Hero’s words and turns back to his plate.

The director looks Hero in the eye and says, “Young man, you are bold. I’ll agree this time, but remember, you owe me. When the time comes, you’ll have to repay the favor.” (Foreshadowing!)

After Zai Tian and Hero left, the director asks Wild Goose to make a trip to the police station the following day, explicating the whole shenanigan about the guns. Wild Goose refers himself in third person (which shows subordination and respect), and wonders why the director concurs to Hero’s suggestion. The director responds, “Things are changing. Before the change gets out of hand, less trouble is better.”

Done talking about business, daddy needs to make sure his princess is okay. She’s not. She’s still mad for being lied to and used. (Who wouldn’t be.) But daddy has his ways. After making sure the unhappiness will pass, the director warns Chen Lin, “Daddy never interfered with your personal life, but Lin-Lin, if you want a simple life, daddy advise you to stay away from the two cops. Especially that nondescript guy Chen Zai Tian.”

As promised, Wild Goose comes to the police station the following day.

Suffice to say, the interrogation is one unpleasant occurrence for both parties. Wild Goose promises that they will not get a second chance to interrogate him and provides the police with the serial numbers for the guns. In return, he expects to know how the police found out where the guns were stored (although, without spelling out the source, San Lian Hui must already know they are housing a spy).

Hero refuses to answer the question, but after Hero leaves, Zai Tian leans in and whispers, “I’ll tell you, but you need to promise not to tell anyone I told you. Okay, listen up, Ah Tang told me.” (lol! This is a petty attempt at revenge on Zai Tian’s part, but I’m sure Wild Goose doesn’t appreciate being played.)

In case you didn’t pick up, this on the right is Ah Tang. He is Wild Goose’s right hand man — the one that knocked the cops unconscious and hung them up on the ceiling the other day — the same man that had a fist fight with Hero on San Lian street.

When the serial numbers provided by San Lian Hui doesn’t match up with the killer’s gun, Hero and Zai Tian decide to interrogate the alleged, Ke Le’s murderer.

The trip leads them to the new popular hot dog stand (Happy Hot Dogs) in front of the police station, and by extension, the owner of the hot dog stand, Ma Xiao Min, AKA Xiao Ma.

Xiao Ma is a friendly young fellow who has a dry sense of humor. He likes to crack lame jokes and laugh at his own joke. (But I have to say, he is kinda funny.)

The alleged sniper is a nut case. He is not scared to die, he doesn’t want to cooperate, and he has an explanation for everything. Like, how can you explain the gun you used to kill Lin Ke Le was found in a bank robbery? He says, “I told you I tossed the gun away after I killed her. Maybe someone else picked it up. If you are going to ask me the same questions, just refer back to the interrogation notes. It’s all there.”

Right when it starts to look like they can’t milk anything out of this guy, Zai Tian speaks up, “Just curious, do you recognize me?” The guy is stunned for a split second, then he slaps his forehead and says, “Ah, you’re that cop on the rooftop.”

At the response, Zai Tian and Hero sink back in disappointment. Then, Zai Tian starts to fake cry. (It’s hilarious and embarrassing at the same time.) “I hate you! Did you know I spent three month trying to get Lin Ke Le to date me?” Zai Tian sobs, “And when I finally get to hold her, you had to shoot her! — before we even get to make out! All my efforts are wasted!” Hero covers his face in embarrassment, but Zai Tian continues, “We were in a tight embrace, and then, and then you shot her! All those blood splattered on my face and shirt! Jesus, if you are a little bit off, you would have killed me too!” Noting the descripency, Hero reallocates his attention on the con, waiting for his reaction.

“You are not my target. You just happened to be at the wrong place in the wrong time. Besides I have confidence in my shooting as well as my eye sight. Even though you two are entangled in a hug, I knew the bullet wouldn’t even scrap your skin.” At that, Hero and Zai Tian exchange a knowing look. Aha!

Without another word, the two detectives get up to leave. Now it’s the con’s turn to feel uneasy. “Is this it? Is this all you gonna ask me?” (Someone’s enjoying a little extra attention.) Zai Tian looks at Hero, who nods a go ahead. Zai Tian says, “Did you know that on the day she was killed, I didn’t even touch her. For someone who has so much confidence in his eye sight, how can he not remember that?!”

Their next move is to propose a re-investigation of Lin Ke Le’s murder. Director Lin responded with cold indifference at the suggestion. Her aloofness evokes the suspicion that she either knows the murder and is being threatened to keep quiet, or she has done some despicable deeds that the murderer has proof of and in order to cover up the misconduct, she’s willing to let the culprit slide. The re-investigation is approved anyway, by the Southern branch’s director. Once news of the breakthrough is out, (there is security camera evidence that the alleged killer is at an ATM during the time of murder) there is a large scale media coverage on the topic everywhere in the city. Looks like this case isn’t going to fade into the background so easily.

On the other hand, the cops got information from their undercover agent Ah De that there is going to be a larger underground weapon trade in San Lian Hui. The time and location were disclosed, an operation is underway. (Oh please, staying low is the key to survival! Don’t you think it’s a little fast for San Lian Hui to resume their trading after being nearly busted the other day?)

Before they part, Hero hands Ah De an envelop containing his new identity. They congratulate him on his honorable retirement and wish him good luck in the future. He’ll need that good luck.

The operation starts.

Everything looks good and sharp, until it Hero and Zai Tian break into the door. This is when things start to go sour.

What they see inside isn’t boxes and boxes of guns nor do they see bare chested men trying impress the viewers with muscle or tattoo — although that could be impressive. What they see instead is a nice political dinner consisted of the senator, the police directors from both the northern and southern branch, and other nameless important/powerful figures.

The senator slash presidential candidate good-humoredly asks, “Are you two here to bring up the soup or are you here to entertain us with a surprise show?”

Abashed, the two very, VERY embarrassed detectives lower their guns. Hero briefly explains their reason for interrupting; Zai Tian points at Hero and says, “We’re sorry to intrude, but maybe Detective Wu Ying Xiong received the wrong information. Sorry again for barging in.” Yeah just blame it all on Hero. Like he needs anything else to add to his Rules Broken list.

So… What happened to the real gun trade? Well, there is no gun trade after all. Ah De is being driven to a dock, beaten to a pulp, his family threatened, and dumped into the ocean along with his car. (Public Service Announcement: Duuuuude! The ocean is NOT an all-pupose trashcan! Ok, end of announcement.)

In the shooting range, Chen Lin notices a man next to her with impressive accuracy. She asks him if he’s in the military, he tells her that he used to but not anymore. Noticing the tattoo on his arm (hey so we are getting some tattoo after all!) she remarks that it looks unique, like a brand for secret society. The man quickly removes his arm in fear of recognition and brushes the comment aside by saying that his friend designed it, he thought it looked nice and got it.

As Chen Lin leaves the shooting range, Xiao Ma, the mysterious man who she conversed with momentarily, walks out of the shadow…


Come on guys, this heavy duty Zai-Zai-centric discussion is tiring me out. Let’s hear some noises on the OTHER actors! (I’m serious.)

Say, the Director of San Lian Hui. I was hoping he would come off as a more dangerous man, but his character works well without the intimidation factor. There isn’t a wide range of changes in his expression, and yet, watching him, you can tell exactly when he’s calculating, when he’s made the decision to help Hero, and even when he’s mildly amused. That’s subtle acting we need more of!

13 thoughts on “Black & White, Episode 8”

  1. just wanted to say…did you notice? The guy selling hot dogs and the guy that emerges after Chen Lin gets into the elevator have the same shirt! *hint* probably the same person!

  2. Thanks for your recap, but I doubt why Zai Tian knows the killer’s gun isn’t from San Lian Hui because he doesn’t know the serial numbers of the real killer’s gun. It’s not clear……

  3. thanks IURGNOTMIS for the recaps and reviews . if you watch TVB series, you’ll know how powerful is Paul Chun’s acting ( Chen Lin’s dad aka the mob boss) . I love him ! He often act in TVB’s grand production .

    Ok, I’m a Hero/Chen Lin supporter so I pay attention to them , like, a lot :)) One question, who the heck dressed Chen Lin ? Man, I know skinny jeans was in by the time they filmed this series but gosh, Ivy Chen doesn’t look good with skinny jeans. The girl is is too small and skinny . If they want her to wear jeans/pants, they have to dress her in jeans/pants that could cover her BIG high heels up . Man, and what’s up with that yellow scarf matching with yellow pants ? That’s just too much yellow (btw, yellow is my fav. color) . I loved it when she slapped Hero twice. You know, usually the female character (even though they’re strong/hard-headed) they just slap the male character once and then running and weeping. But she slapped him twice …hahahah… and threw the phone by her left hand . —end my Chen Lin rant—

    Hero is still Hero (what kind of name is that ? hheheheh) I like how he’s straight forward. Sorry, Zai Tien just get on my nerves with his silliness .

    By watching too much Hongkong movies and TVB series, I’m sure Ah Tang and Xiao Ma are undercovers .

    1. Yes I watch TVB. But I hope this drama doesn’t pull the same trick where suddenly we have this undercover agent who has a tragic past and ends up dead in the most tragic way possible. (*ahem E.U.* — don’t get me wrong, I enjoy E.U. immensely and I cried when Laughing died…. but seeing it once is enough. Besides, The Academy is still the best one in the trilogy!) 😀

      1. aww, you watch TVB too ? The E.U trilogy is not my type . I don’t know why, maybe because I’m not fond of TVB’s new generation of artists 🙂

        But you know, how could they not be undercovers since both of them are on the detail list of B&W main website ? wink wink… Beside Ah Tang is extremely loud for a gangster, and Xiao Ma is too complicated to be a hit -man .

        Why does every man in Sai Lian Hui have to their “flower” pin on their shirt ? It’s like they’re joining a presidency campaign, you know.

        At first, I thought Black and White has 20 eps, but now I know it’s gonna be 24 eps. Why do I have a feeling it gonna be dragging ?

        off the topic: I was so disappointed when I read the news where Mark Zhao said he sees Ivy Chen as a guy 😦

        1. hey, Lin Ke Le is also on the official website under important cast. and she’s dead as a doornail! but yeah Xiao Ma IS too complicated to be JUST a hit-man.

          the flower (lotus) is the San Lian Hui symbol, so they proudly wear it on their chest — it’s almost like an older and tougher version of a frat.

          1. Lin Ke Le is up there because she’s a famous model, and she’s one of Zai Tian’s women. Just like the girl that in the steaming scene with Hero. Furthermore, the men and the women have to be balanced out on the cast list ….heheheh…

            I know the flower pin is their symbol just like the flower on their car ,but the way all of them wear it is funny.

            you know what, the (Foreshadowing!) scene between the mob boss and Hero make me remember there’s a scene in one of the trailers showed Chen Lin asked Hero to help her father.

            Black and White has too many trailers that sometimes spoil the plot. Like the scene where Xiao Ma and Chen Lin are on the motorcycle, the blow-up McDonald’s store….( the scene where Zai Tian crying “she’s gone.” I’m sure it’s the girl that helped him out during his “homeless” days.

  4. I’m still confuse with the love story between them..
    hope that mark chao will ends with janine chang.hehe.their chemistry is good.
    ahh.. i realy want to watch the eps.9, when it can be uploaded?hehe
    this is the best action taiwan drama

  5. Totally, I agree with rena.
    I feel confuse too…
    Ying Xiong likes Xi Ying or Chen Lin ?! or both..?! , hahaha….

  6. wow……….
    this is a wonderfull action dramas….
    i kike it……..
    and I love xiu jie kai…….. he is so cute_

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