Story of a Man ♫-track

Because the drama is awesome and the soundtrack is part of that awesomeness! So, here it is at last!

Track list:

1. Title Theme
2. 세상을 너에게
3. 이별은 거꾸로 흐른다
4. 사랑하지마
5. 사랑을 할때쯤
6. Title Instrumental. Var.1
7. Title Instrumental. Var.2
8. Love Theme
9. Sad Theme
10. 마지막 바램
11. So High
12. Dear
13. Operation 1
14. Operation 2
15. Operation 3
16. Operation 4
17. Title (Ballad Piano Ver.)
18. Sad Theme (Trumpet)
19. 한장의 추억
20. 이별은 거꾸로 흐른다

2 thoughts on “Story of a Man ♫-track”

  1. I have my TW-dramas (B&W and My Queen) on the weekends, but this drama helps me get through the week! The music is so good! I just dled it 2 days ago and have already listened to #2 about 7 times…

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s ep of B&W! Love your recaps!

  2. Black and White poses outstanding soundtracks as well.
    The album will be released on 15th, May.
    Looking forward to it.

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