My Queen Episode 13

When one door closes, another opens — leaves one Shan Wu Shuang, comes a Han Jia Jia. But the problem is, Lucas doesn’t even know Jia Jia likes him — despite how obvious she’s made it seem — much less consider any further development with her. I guess guys are more obtuse when they aren’t interested.

So how should Jia Jia make herself more visible? She’s had her make over earlier in the drama, she’s shown her more-than-friends attentiveness… Besides confessing to Lucas point-blank, she’s made her standpoint very clear. And yet, Lucas is too busy worrying about Wu Shuang to see it. Maybe a straight forward “I’m in love with you” is what she needs to do right now, but the writers have something different in mind.

Ever since drawing a line between himself and Wu Shuang, Lucas has returned to his formal life as a part-time work expert. Back to the same old crowded around by girls 24/7, working several part-time jobs at once, and back to the unambiguous single life.

Somehow, returning to the way life was takes more adapting than facing change. JJ arranges horse back riding lessons for Lucas to take his mind off of Wu Shuang and throws an idea out in the open: why doesn’t Lucas try dating Jia Jia for a change?

The same feeling of loss is felt by Wu Shuang as well. The idea of moving out of Lucas’ place and probably never see him again is a dreadful one. Yet, her choosing Leslie over Lucas dictates that any lingering sentimentality is irrational and henceforth, not “supposed” to be there. But feelings are feelings, when Leslie volunteers to help Wu Shuang move out, she hastily declines his offer.

They both have their separate agenda: Wu Shuang wants one last chance to be with Lucas, alone; Leslie wants Wu Shuang away from Lucas as soon as possible.

To complicate the relationship entanglement, Jia Jia encountered the two motorcycle robbers as she brings Lucas’ newly repaired motorcycle home for him. The two criminals attacked her and one of them attempted to rape her when the policemen arrived on site and prevented a traumatic event from happening. iFund is notified because the event is news-worthy, Lucas is informed because he is the first one Jia Jia thinks of.

Lucas’ gut reaction when he sees the scared Jia Jia, is to go up and comfort her. Jia Jia responds by crying in Lucas’ arms. When Wu Shuang, who follows after, sees the two of them, mixed emotion flares up. She has once again lost the command of her feelings in front of this man, who is eight years younger than her.

Feeling guilty for neglecting Jia Jia and inadvertently causing her the pain — but mostly guilty of not being able to return the romantic affection, Lucas takes Jia Jia home and tends to her wounds. At Jia Jia’s apartment, her agenda, her unfinished scarf, everything screams “Lucas I’m in love with you”. Not blind to the signs, Lucas asks, “Jia Jia, do you have feelings for me?”

She turns around, teary eyed and says, “No, I don’t. If me liking you will be a burden for you then no, I don’t.” A tear rolls down her cheek and she begs him, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t love me back, but please, let me love you from afar.” Taking a step closer, Lucas replies gently, “If I accept you now, it will be unfair for you. I don’t want you to be the rebound girl.” “It’s fine by me,” she protests through the sob, “as long as you are happy, I’m willing to be your rebound girl. Just let me be there for you.”

Packing her things, Wu Shuang recalls many great memories she shared with Lucas. Exclaiming that this is finally the end, she sighs and wonders if she will see Lucas for a last goodbye. When she grabs her things to leave, she hears the keys clatter outside the door. Knowing full well it’s Lucas returning, she brings her box back to the living room, scatters everything and pretends to still be packing — to buy more alone time with Lucas.

Lucas opens the door and finds Wu Shuang still packing. He bends down to help her when the conversation returns to Jia Jia. Wu Shuang passively mentions the many things Jia Jia has done for him and heavily hints that she likes him — more of a way to probe what happened after the assault than to push Lucas towards Jia Jia. But her insinuation is taken the wrong way. Lucas jumps up in anger and points Wu Shuang on the nose, “Don’t think finding love qualifies you as a matchmaker! I don’t want your so called charity!” Wu Shuang tries to defend herself but only ends up crying, “I thought maybe after I moved, we could go have dinner and celebrate or something. So I kept waiting and waiting… You knew I only have so many belongings, it’s hard pretending to be packing when I’m just waiting for you to come home. What’s with you? Why can’t you be more mature?! Shouldn’t have waited for you… Then none of this bickering would happen!”

At Wu Shuang’s revelation, he hands her a packet of tissue and softens his tone.

It’s awkward at first as they exchange less-than-flattering farewell praises, but by the end of the night when all the packing is done, Lucas is in a playful mood again. He reminds Wu Shuang of her intention to treat him to dinner. So they promise each other that before the night is over, they will enjoy their last day together and leave the worries for tomorrow.

Nostalgia fills the air as the two of them walk into the bar where it all started. They sit down, Lucas orders two large beer and every dish in the bar, ready to enjoy the remaining hour and half with Wu Shuang. They sit there side by side, bringing up each other’s embarrassing moments, slipping back into their usual roles again.

At the end of the night, Wu Shuang apologizes for how they ended up. Lucas smiles and says, “If I was born eight years earlier, maybe there would be no need for apology.” She stares back at him. He continues, “You may think I’m blunt but there are three things you can’t conceal. The first is a sneeze, the second, love, and the third being poverty.” Wu Shuang says nothing. Lucas looks down at his cup and continues after a brief pause, “It’s funny how some things are destined. If I never went to the fox demon temple to repair the pipe…”  “If that day Romeo didn’t try to play a prank on me…” “If I weren’t the all around part-time work king that I was…” “If I weren’t the hard-to-please bitchy boss…” “Then the two of us would not be sitting here now.” “And that day, we would … (not have shared a kiss)” Wu Shuang swallows the last words and lets the memory dangle in the air.

Suddenly, the light dims. Then what follows is the bar’s kissing moment. (How convenient.) Lucas and Wu Shuang turn to leave when the host stops the two of them and recalls, in public, their Christmas kiss at the bar. They are prompted to kiss.

The night’s over and they must return to real life. In the same elevator going up, Lucas exclaims, “After this, whenever you leave your apartment, you will be turning left and I right; we’ll never cross path again.” The rest of the elevator ride is spent telling each other to take care of themselves in the absence of the other.

When the door opens, they immediately snap out of their familiarity — Leslie is waiting at the door for Wu Shuang.

Sharp words are exchanged between the two men, and all three involved are unhappy.

Wu Shuang tries to ameliorate the tension, Leslie admits that he was jealous and surprises Wu Shuang by kissing her on the cheek. But when he tries to make further advances, she responds that she needs to take a shower and runs off. Wu Shuang’s not feeling it anymore, and they both know it.

Lucas is taking a more amusing approach to torment himself — he’s listening to every noise that comes from next door and deciphering what the two adults are doing in there. Then, cursing at the walls, the mirrors, and himself, he finally grabs his backpack and leaves for some fresh air.

Leslie happens to leave Wu Shuang’s new apartment after some contemplation as well. The two pumped males meet in the elevator and the air is once again filled with the smells of gun powder.

By the time the two of them get out of the elevator and get in their respective vehicles, their blood testosterone level has also reached the saturation point. A car race is inevitable, (at least in dramaland,) as the two competes for the alpha male position. Naturally, Leslie with his expensive Jeep wins.

In the midst of his anger, Lucas encounters the two men who assaulted Jia Jia in the day — the perfect emotional outlet. He charges at them, beats them up, and got beaten to a pulp himself…

Not a great episode. It started out slow, picked up speed, slowed down a bit, then picked up again.

There is good chemistry between the main characters in the bar scene. Nostalgia, warmth, and even a little bit of regret. The mood is there and everything seemed just right, until the host jumps out and starts to push the two of them to kiss. It’s an overkill and the scene would’ve been better if that extraneous segment had been left out.

I will not be recapping episode 14 for this drama. Why? Because Black and White is premiereing this Saturday and I would like to focus attention on that. Hopefully it’ll be enjoyable enough of a drama to get me back on the recapping routine.

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      1. Oooooh i think the whim will strike in ep 18 bc when i watch the preview she is going to approach lucas and break the 8 year gap. do u think you will be able to write the recap then?

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