Bloody Monday Episode 9: The Big Day

“Next time if you want to pull off a surprise attack, check your back.” J warns pleasantly, as if there really will be a next time. Kano-san shoots the terrorists a look of disdain and twists his head away. “Aren’t you afraid of contracting Bloody-X?” Maya approaches the agent after brushing her lips lightly with the tip of her finger. Agent Ikuma stares up at Maya with such intensity, his gaze almost took physical form and penetrated her skull. She chuckles underneath her breath and kisses him on the lips. He doesn’t kiss back. “What an unappealing old man. That right there, may be the last kiss of your life.”

When Fujimaru and his classmates leave the quarantine unit, Agent Ikuma is being wheeled in. Seeing another infected body deepens Fujimaru’s remorse for having involved innocent lives in the resistance against terrorism. When they exit the glass double door, Agent Goro and agent Kaoru are waiting for them. Kirishima Goro apologizes for the inaction on THIRD-i’s part that resulted in Hide’s sacrifice and accepts the retribution of the kids’ poignant blame.

When Fujimaru reveals Goro’s tragic loss to his fellow club mates, an eerie quietness sweeps across the room, leaving only the faintest sound of sniffling noses and clutching fists. But anger and grief can to do very little at this point, the dead remain dead.

In the terrorist trailer (that overlooks a shiny, colorful ferris wheel), K is welcomed home. He coolly glances over his devout followers and shifts his gaze to the J leaning against  a wall on the side. J motions his head in recognition and addresses the deity respectfully, “yes, father.” (They say alike father alike son, there’s certainly a fraction of truth in it.)

The doubt and the questioning of authority continue to spread like a black plague. Kujo Otoya raises the point that if his grandpa had authorized a release to free K earlier, Hide would have enough time to survive. “This”, he reminds his grandfather seated in the high throne of power, “is the second time you’ve taken away someone very important to me since the time you caused mom’s death.”

The similar skepticism persists in THIRD-i. The interior struggle for control puts Goro in an unfavorable disposition once again. While those higher in office attempt to undermine Agent Goro’s ability to handle the case, the entire staff of THIRD-i believe otherwise. Their unanimous support for Goro firmly contrasts with their dissatisfaction with the government’s arrangement — it only takes a spark of rebellion to ignite a full blown unauthorized, but perhaps more efficient, operation.

One more day till Bloody Monday. The terrorists and THIRD-i are both busy preparing for the big day to come.

The spreading of Bloody-X is well on its way
The spreading of Bloody-X is well on its way

The rest, is waiting.

The vial of antidote intended for Hide is given to Kano-san instead. After a near death experience, Kano Ikuma’s resolve to capture the terrorist group is consolidated once more. “For Hide, I will fight to the end” was Kano-san’s concise but telling promise to himself and Fujimaru. He owns Hide his life, therefore the weight of vengeance is on his shoulder.

“Brother, cheer up!” Hakura tries to pull Fujimaru out of his sullen hole. “I’m sorry that things turned out this way…” Ignoring Fujimaru’s gloom, Hakura continues in her hyped tone, “They took my cell phone, saying ‘it might contain terrorist related information’. Now I can’t even text my friends!” Fujimaru cracks a feeble smile and they both sink into a state of reticence. Hakura breaks the silence first, “But, staying here, I feel secure. Therefore, it’s okay.” Fujimaru returns a smile at Hakura’s reassurance. Not having succeed in her attempt to lighten up the mood, Hakura continues on about being lonely, of which Fujimaru interrupts with yet another apology. “Don’t apologize, I am the one sorry for saying the hurtful things that I said. I’m sorry. And, whatever you decide to do, I trust your judgment that it’s the right thing to do.” To Hakura’s sincerity, Fujimaru responds with a genuine smile. He needed the encouragement.

Walking out of Hakura’s room, Fujimaru clears his mind for a critical decision.

He wants to fight along side THIRD-i and bring the terrorist group to their punishment. This time, Falcon has a plan.

The terrorist group continues their process of spreading the virus.

On Monday, 7:30 am, the act begins.

This guy really manages to look creepy.
This guy really manages to look creepy.

To each of the 10 junctions with a high population density, at least one terrorist is sent out with a luggage of virus. At precisely nine o’clock, they were to unleash Bloody-X to do its damage.

At 8:13 am, on a loop line bus, the first terrorist is caught before he has the chance to harm others.

At 8:19 am, at the Shiodome Station Underground City, two other terrorists are captured.

Then near the theatre, at the hospital, in the residences of firefighters, in front of the city hall, and on an airplane, terrorists along with their viruses are found.

At 8:34 am, inside the Ceres Tokyo Hotel, the ninth virus carrier is discovered but the terrorist is no where to be found. Then suddenly, the signal associated with the terrorist also disappears.

At the 10th and last location for the virus, Bluebird and J both made their escape before the police force can capture them. (Where did Maya go?) But they did leave behind one thing — Bluebird’s computer.

Up to now, THIRD-i’s expedient action all depended on Falcon’s mega hacking skill. He doesn’t fail this time either. A look at Bluebird’s computer, Falcon locates the target: the disappearing creep at the hotel is not heading towards the Minato Water Purification Plant. (Smart way to spread a virus.)

THIRD-i enters to catch the culprit, but it is Fujimaru who finds the insane terrorist through the secure camera (hail crazy hacking skills!). The madman smirks at Fujimaru and breaks into a sprint. Fujimaru follows after the man like a falcon (har, har, had to do that) and soon catches up to him. After a fist fight that involves plenty of kicking, thrashing, tearing, and grunting, the maniacal terrorist takes the upper hand and climbs up the fences to open a canteen of virus. But before he can release the Genie that will grant him the wish to become God, he is shot by Kano-san and fell like a lump of dried up hay.

Operation success.

But the battle against the terrorists had just begun…

When Fujimaru returns home, an unexpected visitor awaits him. J is sour that his plan had been compromised by Falcon’s superior intellect, but he also holds a handful of cards unbeknownest to Fujimaru. For instance, Kujo Otoya, as Fujimaru is unaware of, is J’s biological brother.

On the other hand, the real K helped Maya escape the pursuits of the THIRD-i agents and ordered her to kill Kamishima Shimon. A new hand of cards now lay on the table.

Speaking of Genie, I need one to grant me wishes!

It’s been a Long time since I last recapped a Bloody Monday episode!

This episode went by like whooosh. All of a sudden, I’m at the end of it!

It’s sort of abrupt to throw in a complicated heritage mystery so close to the end, but if ultimately, it justifies some of the characters’ intentions, then it’s fine by me.

Until next time.

PS: J definitely grows on me. 😀

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