My Queen Episode 9

As requested, here’s a recap: 🙂

“Are we allowed to do this?”
“Of course! … Take it slow and you’ll be fine.”
… …
“Ahh! I can’t do it! It feels so weird! Ever since my little Wu Shuang’s daddy died, I haven’t been with a man like this..”
“There’s always a first time… Practice makes perfect. Do it a few times with me, and you’ll get used to it. 😉 ”

“Hey! You’re stepping over the line! My little Wu Shuang has been single for SIX years! If I do this and that with you… Aye, it’s just… not appropriate!”
“But you are you and she is she.
*jabber jabber* She has the sin left from her previous life to repay in this lifetime.”
“Hey Xu Zi Mo, don’t think just because you own a temple you can say this and that about my daughter! I’ll tell you this, before my daughter finds a man, I won’t… I won’t do that with you.”
“Can you be fussier? I told you to lie down and watch the twinkle twinkle little star with me, what’s with all the fuss!! If I have to wait for your daughter to find herself a man to finally do that with you… I’m not even gonna live that long!”
“Mr. Xu Zi Mo, let’s not be sneaky about our relationship anymore. I admit, the first time I saw you I felt a little twinkle inside of me, but I can’t be happy when my daughter’s happiness is as far as the other end of the Pacific. So how ’bout we keep our distance and stay as friends? Ok?”
“What?! Do you know what you’re talking about? I always thought we were “love-ING”!”
“What ‘-ing’, what progressive tense? That’s nonsense! I think you better go home. If my Wu Shang sees us, she’ll be heart broken!”

Did you know I wrote poetry for you (What? He really thinks he’s the poet Xu Zhi Mo?), sang love songs for you… Why can’t we be in love like normal people? Why must I look at the picture of you in my phone and think about the real you far away with longing?” *shows picture*
“Aiyo that’s such a bad picture.”
“Then give me a pretty picture so I have your pretty face to look upon in the lonesome darkness of the night! Ok? Ok!”
*snap* *pose* *snap* *pose* *snap* *pose*

*blah blah blah* [n minutes later…]
“When can I officially be your lover? =( “
“Aiyo, don’t be mad. I was thinking about you too! Did you know those idol dramas all have a scene where the main characters go to a large open space and bring iced liquor with them to ‘talk’?”
“That why you brought me to your larrrrrrge back yard? And liquor too.”
*giggles* “Not just the liquor, look, I’ve also brought this jar of medicine wine! Now you know what I want?” *winks*
*giggle together* “You’re so bad! You’re seducing me to do that! You know what a man does after he drinks medicine wine?”
*pretends to be innocent* “I dunno, I dunno!”
“First cup, hot all over. *giggles* Second cup, head smokes. *giggles* Third cup… ‘ll want to… ahahaha” *wraps arms around Wu Shuang’s mother*
“Aiyo stop! What if my daughter sees?” *gropes back*
“Your daughter’s not home today! ROARRRR!”

*knock knock* “Mum! Open the door!”

Uh oh!

Fish Leung – There’s no If (Defeated Queen Opening Theme Song) [download]

When the mother opens door to a completely exhausted and unhappy Shan Wu Shuang, all her previous playful flirtation disappears. Looks like poor Xu Zi Mo will have to wait for next time or seriously consider being a matchmaker for Wu Shuang.

“WHAT?! You mean if you don’t bring a man with you to the reunion, you’ll have to apologize to your classmates on newspaper?!”

“Yesss, that’s why my hair’s turning gray thinking about it.” Wu Shuang sits down on bed and hugs her knees, “Your daughter me, with my pride, my personality, I’m meant to be lonely for the rest of my life…” She sighs and continues, “I know I’m not young anymore, I shouldn’t be so picky. Just, find a decent man, get to know each other, and marry him… But I don’t want to admit that this is the best I can do. I want to follow my feelings and fall in love again. Only, he doesn’t love me back…”

Lucas’ angry words surface to mind again, Wu Shuang shakes those hurtful memories away and looks up at the pictures that faithfully recorded her successful childhood and says, “Look, debate first place, spelling bee first place, essay contest first place… I’m always the first place at everything, except for my love life…”

Couldn’t bare to see her daughter so captivated by negativity, Shan Lin Chun Zhi drags Wu Shuang to the kitchen. She grabs two idle yam lying on the desk and waves them meaningfully at Wu Shuang, “Everybody knows that eating yam releases gas, but yam is also rich in antioxidant, it reduces the risk of cancer, cleans the digestive track, and ameliorates constipation. THESE are all the benefit of yam that people conveniently neglect. (Not to mention yam taste so good! 😀 ) Wu Shuang-Mei, mum doesn’t know who the decent man is or who the man you have feeling for is; but I can tell you this for sure, you are like the yam — once explored, you will find a million good things about it.”

At the airport, a man and a woman are walking side by side. Two travelers recognized the man as the famous photographer Leslie and approached him. After confirming his identity, they asked him, “Why is there a photo of the polar bear at the end of each photo collection?” He smiles and explains, “That polar bear represents a personal story. Once upon a time, I shot a polar bear at the north pole who got lost from his partner. When he finds her again, he remained at a distance and doesn’t greet her right away.” “Why is that?” the two female tourists prompt. “Ehh… I don’t know. But I suspect that

while expectant of reuniting with his old lover, he is afraid that she has forgotten him long ago.

Lucas wakes up from the snake bite, much to his disappointment, the first person he sees isn’t Shuan Wu Shuang. Not only that,  he is informed that Wu Shuan has accepted his resignation, he no longer works for her. Regret, maybe even a little sorry that he exploded on Wu Shuang, but what really worries Lucas is how to make the appropriate response at Han Jia Jia’s upcoming all-too-obvious confession. Luckily, JJ’s arrival interrupts a confession that will surely place him in an awkward situation.

Chun Zhi figures out a way to help Wu Shuang: have Xu Zi Mo pretend to be Wu Shuang’s boyfriend. Of course, Wu Shuan would rather be humiliated for not having a boyfriend than to be humiliated for having an old, funky, unconvincing priest for boyfriend — not that she doesn’t appreciate her mother’s eagerness to help, but she rather do without it. Besides, she has fixed herself up with a passable though not desirable match for the reunion:

I'm short but so is Napoleon!
Yes, I'm short, but so is Napoleon!

Yup, that above would be thy fearless young, dashing, charismatic fella in armor, who objectifies himself to be Shan Wu Shang’s puppet boyfriend of the day. Little does Shan Wu Shuang know, her princes are well on their way to the rescue…

Leslie visits Shan Lin Chun Zhi’s house (which puts an end to Chun Zhi’s just beginning secret date, and as a result, gives poor Xu Zi Mo a second cold bath in the ditch). He finds out the anguish he has caused Wu Shuan, and most importantly, he figures out her whereabouts. Then, with the speed of a mighty king panserbjørne, he hastens to find her. (Baby! Here I come!)

When Lucas finds out Wu Shuang is going to the reunion without the doctor, he decides to go himself, despite the snake bite wound. Concerned for his well being and more concerned with his feeling for Wu Shuang, Jia Jia asks him, “Have you forgotten about my older sister? Have you fallen in love with Shan Wu Shuang?”

The question has Lucas stumble for a second, then he turns and answers, “I do not know. All I know is, there is an urge to protect her.” “But you said you want to protect me too!” Jia Jia argues. Without hesitation, Lucas explains,

If you were to get hurt, I would do everything to protect you. Because I don’t want to see anyone hurt. Shan Wu Shuang, she’s different. Whenever she gets hurt, she curls up and licks her wound in a dark corner. Each time I think about it, I feel sad. Very, very sad. I don’t want to feel sad anymore.

With that, Lucas leaves to pursuit his happiness. (Wu Shuang babe, hold up! I’m coming for you!)

Meanwhile in the resort, the staff are busy taking precautionary measures in preparation for the reunion:

What'll happen to David's phallus this time?
What'll happen to David's phallus this time?

And thus starts the Ultimate Comparison Contest (AKA: F University’s petty hiking club reunion), consists of bragging, bragging, and more bragging.

That’s until Shan Wu Shuang promptly arrives. Now all the focus is on Wu Shuang and her too-short-to-be-true “boyfriend”. And of course, on how to prove that Romeo is not Wu Shuang’s Romeo.

Romeo might be called Romeo, but he is as close to the love-sick, lust-driven Romeo under Shakespeare’s pen as a square is close to being round. He slips out his agreement with Wu Shuang to fake her boyfriend for the occasion in exchange for a headline and confesses that he hates women. (Wow, that’s a big jump!) Wu Shuang is left to be ridiculed in front of all her college friends.

Not to worry, because the prince always comes on time (unlike Juliet's Romeo)
Not to worry, because the prince always comes on time (unlike Juliet's Romeo)

Lucas hugs Wu Shuang from behind and says, “Wu Shuang Babe, sorry I’m late” — a classical entrance line, but enough to shock Wu Shuang’s classmates. He explains that Wu Shuang’s only bringing Romeo to spite him after a small argument and takes out the necklace. Putting the necklace on Wu Shuang, he proclaims, “I’m not Wu Shuang Babe’s boyfriend. But I do hope she will accept me soon.” Then turning to Wu Shuang, he spills his heart out,

This necklace used to be my good luck charm to you to wish you success on your blind dates; now, it made me realize that I never wanted your blind dates to turn out well.

Still resisting, Wu Shuang whispers, “Stop babe-ing me, what do you think you’re doing?” Lucas simply says, “I only wanted to confess my feelings to you. Hey I’ve chased you all the way here, what else do you want me to do? Say, what else? OR, do you want me to decide for you?”


I don’t have expensive cars but I have a motorcycle. Every time giving you a ride, I can feel the warmth of you hugging me from behind.

Eight year’s difference, we can fill it in together. For me, you can continue to wear mini skirts; for you, I can put on a suite, a tie. I can watch your favorite foreign movies with you, you can read my favorite mangas with me. As long as we are together, that’s enough.

If you are tired and don’t have a car, I can piggy back you home. If you are in a bad mood, I can watch the stars with you on the rooftop. Love without money as prerequisite can still be romantic. Because being with each other because our feelings tells us to is better than a comparable match.

With Lucas’ help, Wu Shuang’s misunderstands with her her classmates are cleared at last. More so, they grow envious of Wu Shuang’s relationship with Lucas. Oh, and, and, and! The marble sculpture’s phallus is saved!

Waiiiiit, that’s not it. Why? Because Leslie hasn’t arrived yet…

now, everyone's present.
now, everyone's present.

And it’s time for the story to take a different turn.

I actually enjoyed this episode. Sure, I have seen this script being played out a million times before: mom comforting daughter not to let her self-worth be undermined using some ordinary-object-to-person comparison, prince appearing at the single most important moment and delivers a sentimental confession in front of a mass of people, and a stressor showing up, tipping everything over their natural balance. Yet it is still nice to see them being played out, however cliché.

I did have to brace myself for the never-lacking exaggeration, but since it wasn’t overwhelmingly abundant, I’m more forgiving.

As much as I missed the feeling of recapping/watching an episode without constantly throwing up my arms and going “OMG this is so ________”, going back and filling out the gaps for this drama is too much work. Be expecting scattered recaps here and there, but nothing I can promise at this point.

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  2. omg i havent been on ur blog in so long (its becaused i moved and the internet wasnt working) thank you so much i really do love ur writing. love u and thanks u

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