For Those Who Still Read:

Nope, no recaps this weekend. Sorrie!


Because theoretically, I should produce six papers by the end of this weekend. (YUCK! And I’m not even a humanities major!) Realistically speaking, when I factor in the time that’ll takeΒ  me to convince myself to start working (oh trust me, I can be quite difficult to persuade), various distractions here and there, the kind of time investment each paper requires, and my overall cognitive endurance, I’ll probably get to four of them IF I magically stay on schedule.

So that makes the probability of recapping anything pretty darn close to zero.

But when I (finally) get things done, give myself some time to recooperate, I will post something.

(I have major commitment problems with the recent dramas don’t I?)

7 thoughts on “For Those Who Still Read:”

  1. The recent dramas aren’t as good anyway. haha
    Good luck (:

    I like how I’ve been with you through all the layout changes. It surprises me. haha

  2. Love the Fated To Love You summaries. Can go back on the C-O-R-N-Y mushy scripts I missed. LoL. Just saw it on a local channel here in the Philippines and after 1 episode I decided to finish it all in 1 weekend. Hahaha. Good luck on your papers!

    BTW: Any other dramas you could recommend? Especially ones with Joe Chen. πŸ˜€

    1. Glad you enjoyed those FTLY recaps. I don’t think her subsequent dramas are all that good, but if you haven’t seen Prince who Turns to Frog, give it a try. It’s Silly (with the capital S), but it’s also got its fair share of cute moments.

      PS: down to 1 paper! (and a project) πŸ˜€

  3. Will try to watch it then (Frog Prince). I think it was already shown here before but I wasn’t able to watch it. Good job on the papers! Hopefully by the time you finish there should be some new interesting dramas again. Still looking for a good drama with cute moments… I’m such a SAP. Hahaha.

  4. irugnotmis

    great recaps… you have here…

    although I already finished watching a series It’s really nice if you can read them again…

    your site is helpful. Been reading your recaps of hotshots before the videos with subs came out….

    —- do you think they will make a sequel for HotShots???


    I want to ask your permission to post your recaps in forums…. (with proper credits of course) Thank you!

    1. I think the way Hot Shot ended has already provided closure (to me at least) but if popularity demands, there is certainly room for a sequel.

      you can link the recaps on forums but please don’t copy and paste the recaps onto forums. πŸ™‚

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