Somethin’ to Say

Vienna Teng – Unwritten Letter #1 [download]

Since reader rae commented that my (relative) inactivity on the blog is making this colorful site a little dull, I thought I should, you know, do some explaining for assurance purposes (not that you really care to know the details).

Anyhow. The official version is that I’m currently juggling between the private life and the academic life to find a balance (since the academic life is getting WAY out of control in terms of time consumption and I really, really, really, value the little of what’s left of my free time to do other stuff.) The unofficial version is that I simply needed a break and right now, I rather just stare into space and think about nothing at all.

So, gimme some time and you shall see a new recap. 😀

6 thoughts on “Somethin’ to Say”

  1. take a break irugnotmis. i know the feeling. ive been studying since forever. it has consumed my time and my energy..and it tortures me sometimes knowing it wont end…. but ofcourse i know that it is for my own good and can be for others too…so i just keep on flipping the pages and read as much.

    and rarely…. i do get some time to stare at space…. only my space is a small screen with some letters below….when its on….i smile and giggle and drool.

  2. yes. but i guess its normal to feel oppressed sometimes… its not easy missing christmas dinner etc. not present in somel of my friends parties… its a human feeling to feel sad during such times. but in general. it is fulfilling. especially when you see the fruits of it. my studies is part of my profession. I dont regret it. but ofcourse staring in space is needed occasional. but best if regularly.

  3. Helloooooo~

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m behind you 110% percent of the way. =D And grrrrrl, take a breather. School can be the ultimate suckage, and I’ve lost count of the number of exams that have raped me the past year, but yeahhh, do hang out with your friends. That’s exactly why I stopped blogging – I began to realize that I needed to get away from my computer and that I needed to LIVE a little. I mean, life’s so short already, yeah? Why spend it ALL on blogging (unless you REALLY love it). There are things to be done, friends to be made, ice cream to be eaten! Seize the day, and all that jazz. =)

    And btw, so addicted to Jane Zhang now. I’m even getting my friends addicted. =P

    Have a great dayyyy, ma belle. =) ❤

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