Starlit Poll!

JJ Lin – South (江南)

Notice there’s an “Other” option? In case I didn’t voice a reason you’re dying to share, you can spell it out yourself. If that’s not enough space for ya, the comment box is at your service. 😉

Really folks, it’ll be fun to see the poll results! And you get to selection multiple options too!

11 thoughts on “Starlit Poll!”

  1. to insert it on wordpress, all you have to do is upload the file somewhere on the internet and type in [audio=the link of the file]

    seems like most people voted in favor of Jerry Yan’s looks. i gotta be careful the next time i want to make a comment about him. don’t want tomatoes throwing this way!

  2. ha3. i think it is more of….watching jerry yan. not necessarily just his looks. he isnt his best looking for me here. but his frame fits the role very much. good coincidence. nevertheless… he is still drool worthy.

  3. i am obviously one of those who voted for that pick. bwaharhar. i have some other answers ofcourse…. but it is so…cliche. so i rather sound real and honest.

  4. i guess i just ran out of dramas to watch… i am currently watching full house but with subs on mysoju… but i doubt im ever gonna finish full house when i can only find the subs at tudou wich takes forever to download…… btw, anyone know where i can watch eps 7 – the end of fulll house besides tudou ? with subs ? thanx…

    P.S i really think iurgnotmis shud do more recaps on more dramas… like, boys before flowers or something…. its getting a bit boring on the site with no more recaps……. my opinion but its your choice because its your site so i dont really blame you if you dont wanna continue recapping… no offence….

  5. Aside from Jerry’s look, his role really fits him. I am just wondering why his character always shouts when he wants to explain something. Is it a Taiwanese way of expressing oneself or it’s just Jerry’s way? Just curious.

    Also, there is no more drama to watch. Been waiting for Zaizai’s 🙂

    1. prob a combination of both. but given the convoluted character conflicts in the drama, he kinda has to yell. but even then, people still don’t listen to how he feels.

  6. well, since i am a fan, it is really all about Jerry Yan.

    i wanna see jerry and know how he has or hasn’t improved in his acting. how he looks is already a given.. although I will also agree he is not in his best looking here… too thin. but it suited his character. and when you’re a fan… you get a kind of ‘high’ when you find your favorite idol has improved in his craft.

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