Invincible Shan Bao Mei 19 (Last Episode): Wedding, and Other Things

So, last episode in a nutshell:

Everyone: OMG is that Sun Yi Qun!?
Wu Di: Daddy~!
Yi Qun: Insolent boy, I am not your daddy!
Yi Qun: NO I’M NOT!!!

Wu Di: OMG OMG OMG!! How can I prevail over my father? I can’t do this! I can’t! *ties*

Daddy Yi Qun regains memory, everyone’s happy, except for Eight Nation Alliance. Tian Xiang Lou’s saved, everyone’s happy. Shan Bao marries Wu Di, everyone’s happy. The end. *opens champagne!*

Okay now you know what’s happening, it’s your call to continue reading the fuller recap or stop here.

Decide to venture on? Alright then, here we go:

Anson Hu – Wedding March [download]

Sun Yi Qun’s appearance creates a big disturbance, I mean BIG disturbance. Sun Wu Di is stunned into a, pardon my euphemism, pants-less stupor. (Sun Wu Di: Oh dear, is that papa Sun Yi Qun? The same papa who yelled for help in the barrel some good 15 years ago? Whom I ditched to eat my now lover, then stranger Shan Bao Mei’s San Bao rice? Like the French would say, oh la la! but in high pitch.) Shan Bao, the Guang Ji Four, and the overly dramatic competition host are busy multi-tasking — on the one side they are ohhing and ahhing and cursing under their breaths, on the other side they are assiduously stuffing their popped-out eyeballs back into their sockets and picking up those unhinged jaws. Wei Qing just scoffs. Even the outside audiences watching the live show are speculating to each other who this mysterious man is — Sun Yi Qun’s appearance is just too uncalled for, no wonder Eight Nation Alliance is extremely confident about winning the competition.

Sun Wu Di attempts to turn the competition into a tear duct exhausting, rating boosting family reunion — too hasty I say, and Sun Yi Qun agrees with me for he refuses to believe the young man standing opposite of him. Anyone with eyes can tell that these two men look identical (even with the eye squint, mouth pout, extended neck, and pseudo white hair), yet unless the magical mirror on the wall tells him so, Sun Yi Qun isn’t going to believe that Sun Wu Di is somehow related to him. Not yet.  So the competition is forced to begin session.

But the thing is, Wu Di is such a nervous wreck that he can’t even hold a bowl without tipping over the flour. The thought that he would never win his father eats him up alive like a cookie monster with a jar of (duh) chocolate chip cookies (or do you prefer oatmeal cookies? I mean, it’s healthier). Even Andy Lau Sun Yi Qun couldn’t bare to see the Sun Wu Di embarrassing himself like that. He nudges his chin in Wu Di’s direction, “Ye know, when a chief starts to prepare food, he needs to focus. Someone as emotional as ye here… If I was yer pa, I would be in so much shame I’d hang myself.” Ignoring the verbal irony, Wu Di closes his eyes and tries to remember his father. When he opens his eyes up again, he tells Sun Yi Qun, “You are wrong Mr Lao. If I weren’t emotional, if I don’t understand the taster’s feelings, how can I create the kind of cuisine that makes people feel? I’ll show you what my father taught me.”

With that, Sun Wu Di regains his normal self and proceeds with his egg custard without further distraction. Before pouring the filling into the crust, he places the little piece of milk candy in the center of the crust, covers it up with the filling, and places it into the oven. Ummm yummmm.

*cuts in commercial*

Chief Guang bolts up from his hospital bed, arms stretch, and mouth open, “STOP! STOP the parricide/infanticide!” (Well, if Wu Di “kills” Yi Qun, then it’s parricide; if vice versa Yi Qun “kills” Wu Di in the competition, then it’s infanticide.)

Back story revealed, dramatic music please! *dung dung dung*

When it’s just Chief Guang and the poisoned egg custard left, Sun Yi Qun accidentally stumbles upon Hu Guang. Hu Guang recognizes Yi Qun and hollers out his name. Through some loud voiced persuasion, Yu Qun remembers fragments of his past but remains dubious of Hu Guang’s integrity. To prove his innocence (as in, he, Chief Guang, isn’t so low to steal another chief’s dish in order to discover the secret behind the other chief’s cuisine. After all, Sun Yi Qun did give Hu Guang his cook book some 20 years ago.) anyway, to prove his innocence, Chief Guang takes a bite of the custard (and ends up in the emergency room).

Still skeptical but very hopeful, Sun Yi Qun stuffs the milk candy into Hu Guang’s clenched fist, murmuring to himself, “If dat Sun Wu Di really is my son, then he’ll understand when he sees dis piece of candy.”

*end of commercial break*

The egg custards are finished and presented to the children who serve as the judges for this competition. Wu Di walks toward Yi Qun and offers him a custard. Reluctantly, Yi Qun takes a bite…

Immediately, memories flow to his fovea like the tears of someone who accidentally ingested too big a chunk of wasabi. He remembers mostly everything.

Meanwhile, the competition result is announced, Tian Xiang Lou and Eight Nation Alliance both scored a total of three points. In other words, no one wins. Ah-Er jumps at the inconclusive conclusion and bursts out that there is NO way in underworld that he could have not won. Not in Hades’ name! No. Because he’s got Sun Yi Qun on his side. Then realizing he slipped, Ah-Er busts his chests outward and proudly admits to using Sun Yi Qun’s amnesia as the machinery to defeat Sun Wu Di. “The outcome of the competition doesn’t matter anymore”, Ah Er says, “what’s important is that the legal document is in my hands.”

Verging losing Tian Xiang Lou, Sun Wu Di could use some knight’s rescue. Oh, here comes little princess Tian Qing with a rabbit in hand. She walks over to Wu Di and hands him a handkerchief wrapped legal document, which she stole from Ah-Er out of loathing for the man. Now the legal issue is solved (after being tossed around like a roll of toilet paper), two police officers walk into the competition site to arrest Eight Nation Alliance for poisoning the egg custards. TA-DA problems solved! Tian Xiang Lou still belongs to Wu Di.

What’s left before the “happily-ever-after” is Tian Xiang Lou’s grand reopening. But Sun Yi Qun’s return changes things a little. I mean, A LOT. Ever since regaining Tian Xiang Lou, Sun Wu Di hasn’t called Shan Bao once. When she calls him, he’s either busy cooking with his dad or staying by his dad’s side during therapy. Dad, dad, dad, Sun Yi Qun has pushed Hu Shan Bao out of the picture. =(

So on Christmas Eve, Shan Bao decides to surprise Wu Di. That didn’t go too well. Wu Di regretfully informs Shan Bao that he has something of the utmost importance to do for his dad that he simply doesn’t have time to spend Christmas with her. BUT, he emphasizes, he will call her to reschedule a date. Dejected but understanding, Shan Bao walks home. Then, in the next few days, no phone call came, not even a text message. Finally, Shan Bao found out what Wu Di did on Christmas Eve (and with who) from tabloid: none other than a hot date with a sexy therapist.

Infuriated to the nth degree and determined to take control of the situation, Shan Bao sneaks into Wu Di’s home through the old kidnap route. (Why doesn’t he remodel his unsafe home when he reopened Tian Xiang Lou?) She witnesses Sun Yi Qun proposing to the sexy therapist and mistaken him as her own Sun Wu Di. (See, the difficulty of not being able to tell apart two identical men.) She thrusts the old man across the floor and *ouch* down the man goes. When things clear up at last, Shan Bao explains that she only wants to bring Wu Di her home made San Bao rice. Wu Di takes one bite and instantly remembers her as the girl who saved him. Tears gush out of his eyes, so touch is he to finally find her, he proposes to Shan Bao right on the spot.


They get married! (Oh dang her dress is so ruffled and elaborate on the back.)

A thousand words isn’t worth seeing it yourself:

Two years later, Da Dao becomes a stylist and married Zu An; Xiao Sa and Chi Xin joined in holy matrimony and made many babies; Wei Qing became the chief in Hilton Hotel and met a woman; Shan Bao became the best selling novelist writing her love story with Wu Di; and Wu Di begot a child named Wu Bao. Such, is the end of this story.

(PS: Did I warn you I wasn’t gonna insert any pictures? Well, I just did. 😀 )

Dang, a LONG way it’s been. Well, this is the end of the road! Thanks to those who dropped a comment of encouragement here and there. I admit, I am a sucker when it comes to compliments so those are especially welcome. 😀

Well then, hope you all had fun reading this positivity radiating last recap. =)

15 thoughts on “Invincible Shan Bao Mei 19 (Last Episode): Wedding, and Other Things”

  1. “Wu Di takes one bite and instantly remembers her as the girl who saved him. Tears gush out of his eyes, so touch is he to finally find her, he proposes to Shan Bao right on the spot.”

    I don’t get what you mean by those sentences. He was looking for her? He forgot about her?

    1. he was never looking for her. but the taste of the food provoked the memories from the time when she helped him out of the barrel and gave him food. because he always felt a sense of gratitude towards that nameless girl, the moment he realized Shan Bao is that girl, he feels an immediate resolve to marry her.

  2. o man… this show’s so random. thanks for the recaps, they saved me hours of watching the last half of the series, and they were really fun to read! i like your wit… your comments made me laugh as much as the ridiulousness of this quirky storyline… all in all a very enjoyable time =p

  3. thank you for the recap since it’s taking forever to get each episode in English Sub i was happy to find this place those it was short sort of lol
    i guess u can say i like to read a lot i liked the drama 50% and didn’t like it 50% ….. cuz many times the it looked so fake then real….

    (my favorite type of story’s/drama’s) i like how at first the guy meets an unusual girl and she changes him from bad person to a better man or kinder and unknowing they fall for one another many or a few things come there way to separate them but at the end they are together a happy ending.

    i thing i didn’t like was how Wei Qing’s daughter’s burn kept changing i liked it how it first was then i just didn’t look that bad after they changed it it was more like bumps rather then burn.

    so far i have liked

    Smiling Pasta
    Prince turns to Frog
    My Lucky Star
    Full House
    My Girl
    The Magicians of Love

    will if anyone has some grate titles please email me i just dont love any kind of story got to be good and not boring at all

    i so hated “It Started With a Kiss” it it was soo very boring i thought after watching the first episode how i’ll get by this drama i never want to watch something like again, cuz of that i never watched the sequel… i dont want to die of

    ok sorry about the blah blah,…

    thank you for these recaps

  4. Thanks so much for your recaps, Although I have since watched the entire drama. I found it funny in an over-the-top kind of way. The underlying theme seemed to be more about what constitutes family and trust than about romance. I think the reason there are so few comments is because the drama itself was difficult to find subbed. It’s hard to follow the flow of the drama if you can’t eally undersand what is being said. Otherise the comedic portions just seem vaudevillian. I’ve since laughed at, cried and had a number of huh moments, overall a pretty good comedic drama as these things go.

  5. Thank you for the recap now I won’t suffer waiting on Drama Fever to put up the rest of the episodes. You are a Gem. Especially considering you didn’t like the drama but was selfless and posted the recaps inspite of your dislike. Blessings to you and yours!

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