Invincible Shan Bao Mei 18: Egg Custards

The door bell rings. Tian Qing runs to open the door, thinking it’s Shan Bao coming back so soon. But enters the half of what’s remaining of Eight Nation Alliance (1/2 ENA). The two guys (thank you very much, I’m perfectly capable of doing elementary math and know that half of eight is four) cruise around what is now Wei Qing’s home at the top of Tian Xiang Lou, admiring the architecture, interior design, and whatnot before finally whipping out the legal document and announcing their decision to kick Wei Qing out.

Evonne Hsu — July 7th, Sunny [download]

When Shan Bao returns home to face her family’s scrutiny for being out with Zhao Wei Qing the whole night, she explains the tragic story behind Wei Qing’s grudge towards anything-Tian-Xiang-Lou. The family falls into an understanding silence. (More like they stood around, pronouncing different intonation, pitch, and length of the phoneme “O” in an oscillatory fashion to mimic the effect of a profound epiphany.)

Getting back to business. After deciding to make egg custard for the final competition, both the son and father practice at home in preparation for the real one. Wu Di’s turns out to be flawed on many levels; his father’s custard appears to be so delicious that it invokes pleasurable memories of the past to those who tries it. (Either that or they’re just stoned.)

In the following days, Sun Yi Qun continues to wander around, hoping to regain his lost memory; Sun Wu Di continues to practice making egg custard, hoping to recreate his father’s signature dessert; Hu Shan Bao continues to visit Wei Qing with her homemade San Bao lunch box, hoping to atone Wu Di’s sins.

Soon, it’s the day before the competition and Sun Wu Di still hasn’t figured out how to recreate the taste of his father’s unique egg custard. (All this talk about egg custards… Makes me want one too!) Mischance befalls on the same day, Wu Di and Shan Bao are fated to watch the TV program where ENA is being interviewed regarding their choice of cuisine for the competition. Ah-Er shamelessly brings out Sun Yi Qun’s egg custard, claims it as his own, and reduces the host into tears with the nostalgic smell and exquisite taste of the dessert.

That very night, Guang Ji is casted under a cloud of apprehension. No one can figure out whether Ah-Er is bluffing or he has indeed obtained Sun Yi Qun’s secret recipe for the dish. Finally, they decide to sneak into Tian Xiang Lou to either steal the secret recipe or the already made custard. Yes, they are serious. In fact, they get a hold of four egg custards and easily bring them back home to Guang Ji. Just as Ah-Er had planned.

So with the magical egg custard in hand, Shan Bao is privileged enough to be the first to taste it. She bites into it and is immediately engulfed with memories of the past. Her happiest memory is, in fact the little segment immediately following her rejection by Ah Ming, where she hands her San Bao rice to Wu Di, who she mistook as a beggar at the time. (Yes, I’m stretching my credulity. Are you too?) Of course, after taking a heavenly bite, Shan Bao enters the emergency room for food poisoning, just as Ah-Er had planned.

In the hospital, Wu Di encounters Wei Qing and *kaboom* Wu Di is finally made aware of Wei Qing’s loss. Haunted by guilt, Wu Di calls Wei Qing for a date man-to-man meeting to “figure everything out”. Somehow to Wu Di, egg custards don’t matter anymore, Tian Xiang Lou doesn’t matter anymore, the competition doesn’t matter anymore, even Shan Bao doesn’t matter anymore. The only thing that matters is Wei Qing’s forgiveness. (I think if I stretch my credulity one more mm, it’ll snap and hit me on the face.)

Wu Di and Wei Qing meet in a car garage. Wu Di tells Wei Qing that if Tian Xiang Lou in ruins is what he wants to see, then Wu Di will not show up for the next day’s competition and give Tian Xiang Lou away. “What then?” Wei Qing asks. Even if Tian Xiang Lou gets demolished tomorrow, that will not change the fact that Wei Qing’s wife is dead, his daughter’s face burnt, and he is scarred for life. Determined to repent for the pain he has cost, Wu Di stands in front of Wei Qing’s wrath, enduring blow after blow from a crushed man. Finally, when both have exhausted their energy from beating and being beaten, Wu Di speaks up again, “I know that there is nothing I can do to make up for what you’ve lost, but if this is what you want, I’m willing to trade my life for your pains.” “Do you know what you’re talking about?” Wei Qing asks. (No he doesn’t! He’s gone mad from not being able to figure out his father’s lost recipe!) Then after a brief contemplation, Wei Qing agrees.

Shan Bao arrives on the scene just before Wei Qing pushes the button to release a defunct car on top of Wu Di. She runs towards Wu Di and wraps her arms tight around his neck, all the while crying, “ZHAO WEI QING, IF YOU WANT TO TAKE AWAY WU DI’S LIEF, TAKE MINE AS WELL!” (WOW. Just, W O W.) Of course, all the crying, screaming, and accusing drags on and on and on and on and on and on until Tian Qing (yes, Tian Qing’s there too. Doesn’t this look more and more like a family union?) reminds Wei Qing of his dead wife’s words. She had taught Tian Qing, while alive that: forgiveness is a smile that brings about the happiness of all; hatred is an insistence that brings unhappiness to all.

In the end, Wei Qing pushes the button, but he did not take Wu Di’s life. His grudge with Wu Di is henceforth crushed, along with the car.

After a turbulent night, the actual competition still takes place the following day as scheduled. In the mean time, after offloading the burden that’s been weighing Wei Qing down for the past couple years, he decides to take off with Tian Qing and start anew in America. And Wu Di, he still doesn’t know what the secret ingredient is.

As a last resort to help Wu Di out, chief Guang tastes the custard himself and is sent to the hospital. Before being carried out horizontally, he asks a staff member to give Wu Di a piece of candy — the kind of milk candy Wu Di’s father used to give to Wu Di whenever he needs encouragement. Suddenly, Wu Di understands, that piece of candy is the secret to his father’s egg custard.

With the realization, commences the competition. And with the competition, enters Sun Yi Qun…

For those who have read enough of my ISBM recaps, you guys know that I don’t feel so hot about this drama. But since I’ve recapped so many episodes, it’d be silly to drop it when there’s only so few left (although not amount of silliness can top that of this drama’s plot). So here I am, grappling with my feelings, the episodes, and the recaps and I’m happy to announce that there is only one more episode left to recap! (Not like it’s a surprise since it has completed its broadcasting awhile back. But still! Allow me the satisfaction to rejoice its almost completion!) *dances around* 😀

And I promise, this set of recap will be the only ones to be so overwhelming negative.

One thought on “Invincible Shan Bao Mei 18: Egg Custards”

  1. This drama isn’t the greatest but it is still interesting to read the recaps. I really enjoy reading your recaps thanks a lot 😀

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