Staying at school for 12+ hours straight has reduced my cognitive ability to: me=tired, still at school when it’s 9pm=sickening, music=yay, Jang Zhang=<3, tomorrow=dreadful. Well, make that last one ×100.

So what exactly is J@M? Haven’t I mentioned? It’s Jane Zhang’s new album of course.

With the last thread of reason that’s left in me, I want to say that this album is very different from her previous works.

Without further ado, I present to you: the album.

Now I can headdesk on my long, black desk and complain about how today is just not my day.

4 thoughts on “J@M”

  1. HIII! (Long time no talk … !!! and all that jazz)

    Anyway, yesss, I read your previous post on her, and her voice is SO AJDHFDJSHFKDJFHK GOOD … !!!

    So, I’m gonna take your advice … and start listening to her. Because she’s really that good. =)

    Oh, and btw, never got to say this before, but hope your Christmas holiday was marvelous and all the best in the New Year, m’dear. =) Good luck with school, too, cuz you sound like you’re *this* close to dying. *hugs*

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