5 thoughts on “Starlit Preview”

  1. Thanks for the preview! Although I’ve been too lazy to watch anything lately…

    Is a doesn’t-seem-as-bad but turns out horrible drama? I seem to find the T-dramas that are less comedy and more melodrama slightly better. Like Silence. Or Sweet Relationship. Cut away the slapstick, please!

  2. I’m just afraid that the melodrama may be too heavy handed with its tearjerker elements — the terminal disease, genius doomed to failure, and the like — to escape the terrible fate of a cliché.

  3. i actually read the major characters’ descriptions, and omg, was the story going to be really interesting. i think there will be a lot of complicated things to happen. and i really like how Jerry, Alice, and the other guy were best friends from the start. then comes Terri. then comes the accident.
    anyway, i think the acting from this drama is going to be good. i am gonna watch this for sure.

    the MV is actually more dramatic than this preview. or maybe bec there’s a background music?

    but it’s not all sad, like this clip. jerry’s so cute.

  4. hello irugnotmis.

    the dramas first two episodes aired yesterday night. ive seen the first. i cried. many times. but i dont think it is a liability. it isnt crying sad… more of crying touched. its nice. great. try and watch it.

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