Invincible Shan Bao Mei 17: Turnover

Why is Sun Wu Di so blue? Well, because this episode doesn’t start out too pleasantly. But it’s okay, Jason Zhang’s Kingdom (天下) [download] is going to make all of that gloom go away.

Let’s whip through the tedium at a slightly quicker pace before we get to the (roast) meat of the episode: Wei Qing brings half of Eight Nation Alliance (hereafter, referred to as: 1/2 ENA) to the TV station to claim possession of… essentially, everything. They encounter uncle in the hall way and a muscle tightens in Wei Qing’s jaw — oi, time for some bad news. Wei Qing informs uncle of him selling Tian Xiang Lou to 1/2 ENA. Uncle is very sorry to hear the sudden turn over of events — not as sorry as Oedipus the King to stab his own eyes out, but sorry enough to caused of a (O!-it’s-so-fake-that-I’m-embarrassed-for-you) stroke. The 1/2 ENA then barges in to Wu Di’s live TV program and causes quite a stir.

The disturbance gives the viewers quite a jump but to Invincible Shan Bao Mei, it’s a perfect opportunity to promote for it’s successive drama: My Queen/Defeated Queen, where promotional commercials for the aforementioned drama are interjected to keep the inner politics from the public at large.

But the TV watchers seem not to appreciate the TV station’s tactic for promotion concealing Sun Wu Di’s problem. A number of passionate audiences call in and complain to have the commercials alleviate to reveal what’s truly happening at the station. I mean, Wu Di’s first episode after returning to the show and there’s a drama? That’s the kind of excitement you don’t want to miss.

So the Live program resumes under the backward counting. “5…4…3…” and when the number one is called, all the cameras focus on Wu Di, who puts on a smile and briefly explains, “I’m sorry that the show was interrupted earlier… The reason being, two special guests have arrived to the show today.” One of the 1/2 ENA protests, “We’re no special guests! We are…” “That’s right,” Wu Di cuts in, “they are not special guests, they are VERY special guests.” Before ending the sentence, Wu Di remembers to conclude his remark with a wide grin. 😀 When Wu Di proceeds, he is prepared for a turnover of events. “In today’s episode, these two guests are here to compete with me for the position of host for this show. Now, this was not planned before hand, you are, in fact, watching the livest live show there is. So pick up your phone and tell us who you want to see as the host.”

So a Live food show turns into a call-in show, then the call-in show turns into a subsequent gamble, if you will. Wu Di and 1/2 ENA agreed to participate in another cook-off. If Sun Wu Di wins, he gets the 51% that Wei Qing sold to 1/2 ENA; if Wu Di fails, he loses everything. The preparation time frame is: a week.

Although a one-time loser of Wu Di and Shan Bao’s Toro inseparable, 1/2 ENA is fairly certain of not repeating the same mistake. (We’ll see about that.) Why? Because if Shan Bao is the key ingredient to the success of Toro inseparable, and by extension, Wu Di’s victory, then she should be the same reason why Wu Di is doomed to fail this time.

While Wu Di and 1/2 ENA busy themselves with the upcoming competition, there are a few things that need to be sort out. First is this mysterious-wannabe man who calls himself Andy Lau. You know, he’s really not that odd. He’s got this slightly twisted mouth that gives him the false impression of a tobacco chewer — bless his soul — that’s just the way he looks. He scratches his head every 30 seconds like he’s got lice chewing at the epidermal of his scalp under that beanie of his, but a closer inspection reveals that his hair is quite well trimmed. He walks with a certain bounciness about him that can be reasonably associated with a gimp, which I’m sure is only a bad habit. He is unshaven, but hey, wasn’t Hugh Jackman rated the hottest man of 08 or somethin’? He almost never appears clean shaven and that doesn’t undermine, if not enhance, his appeal for attractiveness. What else do we know about this “Andy Lau”? Well, he was in prison for a good 20 years, released recently and found himself a job driving a cab. Somewhere along his past, he was, according to himself, “sick” and lost all memories of what happened before. Now, he can barely recall the rules and regulations of driving and gets a ticket everyday.

(Awww she’s all fluffed up in a pinker shade of PINK!)

The other thing that needs to be sort out is the follow up of Wei Qing’s daughter and her plastic surgery in the US of A (Why America? Why not Korea?), which, seems to be put on hold. For the time being.

We know accidents do occur, but this accident is really not so accidental. Wei Qing calls Shan Bao to warn her that 1/2 ENA might do something of a malevolent nature to her to win the competition. While speaking to Shan Bao on the phone, Wei Qing walks towards the middle of a street — probably not the smartest idea — and surely enough, he gets hit by good ol’ “Andy Lau”.

Accidental or not, the accident certainly accomplishes much. Shan Bao doesn’t receive the crucial message; Sun Yi Qun (or “Andy Lau”) returns to Tian Xiang Lou at the arrangement of fate; Wei Qing gets hit by Karma; and 1/2 ENA get their shock of the day at the sight of Sun Yi Qun (I love how the fake European loses his faker accent half way through the conversation).

When 1/2 ENA sees Sun Yi Qun and recognizes him, he sets out to test Yi Qun. When confirms of Yi Qun’s amnesia, he manipulates Sun Yi Qun into agreeing to compete against Wu Di in place of ENA. In exchange, he promises to find Yi Qun’s son for him after winning the competition. (We’re about to witness a glorious irony!)

If it’s a father vs. son competition, then the main course that’s to be the center of comparison must come from a shared past. And that meaningful instance revolves around egg custard (makes me want to eat some myself). Yi Qun has taught Wu Di how to make egg custard shortly before the kidnap incident. The temporal arrangement of events makes this particular dessert a salient item for both the father and son. To Wu Di, making egg custard with Yi Qun is the last memory he has of his father. To Yi Qun, the egg custard wrap he found in his pants pocket after being released from the barrel is the only possession he has that ties back to his past.

Shan Bao receives a call from Tian Qing, crying to ask Shan Bao to come over and take a look at her father. Shan Bao tends to Wei Qing in his unconscious state and discovers, from Tian Qing, Wei Qing’s grudge towards Tian Xiang Lou. She feels deeply disturbed, not at Wei Qing’s affinity for retaliation, but at his inability to let go of his remorse and embrace life. She decides to help him at the best of her ability.

When Wei Qing wakes up the next morning, Shan Bao has prepared breakfast for him. Seeing the food on the table, Wei Qing is reminded of his beloved wife. His eyes turns red from grief. Then he spots Shan Bao, still making porridge in the kitchen, his face darkens. Shan Bao walks up to him and expresses concern for his well being, he snaps back coldly, asking her not to bother with him. Shan Bao isn’t taken aback, she insists on offering her help whether Wei Qing accepts or not and leaves after promising to check back on him the following day.

Only after Shan Bao left, does Wei Qing pick up the spoon to eat the porridge (straight from the pot). Tears finally break the barrier that kept them at bay during Shan Bao’s presence. Now, they stream down Wei Qing’s cheeks as if possessed with a life of their own. Memories of Shan Bao taking care of him mingled with the regret of taking her for granted wash through Wei Qing, he swallows hard and says, “It tastes so bad.”

The Shan Bao figure at the bottom is saying, "Invincible Shan Bao Mei is approaching it's final episode!"

Approaching it’s final episode indeed. Only two more recaps to go!

Right when you start to think I might’ve forgotten that I’m still recapping this drama (hey, I was/am busy!), I come back with a recap! Surprise, surprise! 😀

Anyway, methinks the BTS/bloopers at the end of the episodes are so fun to watch! Sometimes, they are more enjoyable than the episodes themselves. 😛 I particularly like the cake the cast presented to Da Dao for his birthday. If you know what I mean. 😉

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