My Queen Episode 2,3 Previews

The extra previews manage to be classy and even a little exquisite (note that I’m not talking about the preview at the end of the episode), but the actual drama is littered with the kind of absurdity that makes me want to yell at the PD to clean it up!

Anyway, these previews are fun to translate and explore:

Preview 1

Lucas: You’ve never considered other people’s feeling, have you?

Wu Shuang, rubbing hands together: What do you know about feelings? You’re the one who only works here because I’m willing to pay double the amount. What gives you the right to criticize me?

Lucas: I’m keeping you company here on a rainy day; that is my way of showing feelings. Since you didn’t want to hire me in the first place, may I leave now?


Lucas: Were you trying to ask me to stay? 😉

This is cute in an Aha!-you-got-owned kind of way. Only Lucas has the ability to make Wu Shuang fret over what to do next. She can be quite condescending some times but Lucas is game enough to play along and checkmate when she least expects it.

Preview 2

Wu Shuang: Rather than living under the shadow of that jerk (referring to her ex), let’s make today a new starting point.

[one night standing…]

Wu Shuang, screaming: OMFG! Why didn’t you tell me you were born in ’84?! (equivalent to the Taiwanese ’73)

Lucas, being yanked out of bed: Eight-year difference, do you have to be so astonished?

[deliberating… …]

Lucas, holding a bundle of his clothes: What do you want to do now?

Wu Shuang: haven’t your mom taught you not to enter a stranger’s home?

[moments later..]

Wu Shuang, throwing Lucas out: You fertilized egg, (no idea what/who she’s referring to, but that’s what she said.) from tomorrow on, learn to be an upright youth!
At least, I know I won’t be seeing you from now on.

Lucas: Excuse me, I just moved in yesterday. Hello, NEIGHBOR!

Who has the time and heart to worry about age during an one night stand? This is hilarious because Shan Wu Shuang embodies a conflicting tough appearance. On the one hand she wants to change and be changed, on the other hand she is easily discouraged and resistent to change.

If the fox god temple along with the rowdy mother and the like don’t exist in this drama, I may have a fun time recapping it.

6 thoughts on “My Queen Episode 2,3 Previews”

  1. I’d wanted to watch this because I enjoy Ethan Ruan’s acting (and his voice, but that’s another story…) buuut from the looks of these previews, I think I might be easily irritated by the storyline.

    (Also, going through your “Hot Shot” tag — can’t believe you had the patience to sit through that entire thing :P)

  2. what’s the other story about Ethan Ruan’s voice?

    about patience, i guess i’ve used up all my patience, now i can’t even sit through an episode of the recent TW dramas.

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