Love or Bread? Neither, just the EP.

On January 9th, Love or Bread promotes its first EP [zip], featuring the opening theme song performed by the Super Idol second prize winner Weng-Sing Hwang/Huang Wen Xing (whose real name is used in the drama).

album cover

The EP consists of two songs: the theme song and an additional song. Having said that, methinks the best description of this teaser EP will have to be the actual listening experience.

Minor complain: As much as the album cover designer wants to do something star-y to the artist’s name for containing the word “star”, using the Star of David, in my opinion, may not be the greatest choice.

2 thoughts on “Love or Bread? Neither, just the EP.”

  1. But it is if he’s Jewish! (Okay, I think I’m the only one who finds that funny…)

    They should have gone with the sparkly pink one that moves if you tilt the CD cover.

  2. 😀
    how about adding a washed out crucifix on the huge bread in the background for being Catholic? and iono, maybe even an image of Siddhartha on the diamond for Buddhism? 😉

    i like the idea of a sparkly star. but pink wouldn’t match… maybe peach? sparkly peach star. 😀

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