Don’t laugh, I’ve got my little fangirl moment as well!

Happy 2009 folks!

I think I’ve watched too much TV during the past couple days, especially the count down concerts and whatnot. But, this one was just toooooooo cute!

She was SO nervous that her performance was no where near excellent — her pitch was floating all over the place, she didn’t sound very coherent when she tried to talk to the audience, and she accidentally sang the wrong lyrics at one point — but these flaws only accentuated the cuteness of it all! 😀 Especially that single stream of tear. I don’t know if it’s noticeable here in the video, but it was both emotional and, dare I say, beautiful, on screen. (And Jason looked like a true gentleman. 😀 )

They’re so cute together! <33 (Did you hear the ROARING cheer when he held her hand?!?! AWWW!) (The only thing that gets me is: they are both too thin. Heck, I mean, they’re all too thin.)

And, in the course of my overzealousness, an avocado rolled off the tabletop on its own accord. Hazaa! 😀

5 thoughts on “Don’t laugh, I’ve got my little fangirl moment as well!”

  1. Aren’t they so cute!? 😀 She tried to wipe away the tear surreptitiously but the camera caught her face anyway. It was such a heart-warming “aww” moment. =]

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