My friend says that she gets angry when she drives. So she listens to Leehom and somehow, his songs calm her down.

So, here’s Heart·Beat [zip] to slow down your heartbeat on the road — what I’m saying is, it’s about time to change those darn CDs in your car! 😀

Track List (with translated English titles):

1 愛得得體 (Love Gracefully)*
2 心跳 (Heart Beat)
3 春雨裡洗過的太陽 (The Sun Awash by the Spring Rain)**
4 Everything
5 我完全沒有任何理由理你 (I Have No Reason to Pay Attention to You)
6 另一個天堂 (Another Heaven) ft. Jane Zhang***
7 玩偶 (Puppet)
8 腳本 (Script)
9 競爭對手 (Competitor)
10 搖滾怎麼了!! (What’s with Rock!!)****

* In the actual lyrics, Leehom plays around with the similar sounds of the English word “dirty” and the Chinese word “graceful/presentable”. Turning dirty — er, I mean graceful — aren’t we? 😉
** This song is funny.
*** Fangirl Moment: Holy Smokin’ Cow! Leehom’s duet with Jane!! My Dear Jane!
****Interesting use of punctuation.

7 thoughts on “Heart·Beat”

  1. i think you meant to asterisk 6 另一個天堂 (Another Heaven) ft. Jane Zhang (***) but theres no asterisks next to it. just saying.

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