I got tagged by thejinx to “share seven weird/random things” with, well, whoever reads anything besides the recaps on this blog.

Random things eh? Alrighty, here we go:

  1. My camera is red.
  2. I enjoy making cotton candy more than eating ’em.
  3. I’m craving green tea ice cream right now.
  4. I never read the manual.
  5. I have a ukulele and I don’t know how to play it. (I should probably learn to play it some time.)
  6. I love drinking soup on a cold day, or on any day.
  7. I’m TERRIBLE at spelling.

Okay, that’s the seven things. In retrospect, 3/7 of the aforementioned things has to do with food. 😉

Do I really have to tag seven people as the rule dictates? Why don’t I leave that an open option so whoever feels compelled to share can do so without waiting to be tagged (or feel left out for not being tagged) and whoever doesn’t want to do it doesn’t have to be binded by the rule.

PS: If anyone actually does it, lemme know so I can read it!

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