Hot Shot, from Hot Shot

While most dramas get to sell one soundtrack (or one set of soundtracks), Hot Shot gets three — Show Luo is currently promoting his new album, Trendy Man, which features the second Hot Shot theme song called… ummhmm, Hot Shot.

Take a look at the music video that’s just out of the oven:

While it’s a promotional tactic, this symbiotic relationship where the actor/singer/host feeds off the fame of the drama and the drama in turn, showers under the attention attracted by the entertainers works well.

Trendy Man is to be released on the 26th of December, featuring a total of 10 songs, two of which are from Hot Shot. Show promises to sing in drag if the album sale surpasses 15 thousand. (Hmm, drag Show, don’t you all want to see? 😀 On a second thought… not really.)

via: Sina, truveo

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