Defeated Queen Preview

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I’ve been hearing about this drama for months and never bothered to look into it. The cast isn’t outstanding, and the title even worse. Translating it literally, it’s called Defeated Dog Queen. When you specify that the dog is female, it’s difficult to not make the connection with the idea of a bitch. Both literal and colloquial. (Of course, this association is entirely culturally construed.) Not that I’m implying anything, but simply hearing the concept behind the drama makes it appear very feasible. Okay, a 30 year-old woman, driven, independent but single and lonely. Chances are, she is good enough of an actress to conceal her yarning for love and yet it doesn’t deny the fact that she is bitter seeing less able women than her leaning on the shoulder of a loved one when she has none. That makes it very probable for her to be a cynical bitch.

This drama didn’t appeal to me until I saw the first preview. It’s classy. I am hoping it will be deep and meaningful, but knowing how TW dramas tend to go south very quickly within a few episodes, I’m knocking on wood.

Without further ado, here’s the preview:

And my translation of the preview:

Defeated Dog refers to women who are of the marriage age but remain single,

even if she is beautiful and talented.

Her life style is sophisticated, her taste impeccable;

her career is on the raise, and her life approaching the peak.

But only at that moment,

she’s not okay.

She is single,

but she has the courage to run in the rain.

Who said being single makes you the “Defeated Dog”?

To me, you are the queen.

14 thoughts on “Defeated Queen Preview”

  1. The title doesn’t sound very appealing, and I’m not sure if I’m really into a drama called “Defeated Queen” I love your interpretation. btw I love the snow on the blogs :]

  2. WOW! Amazing! A Taiwanese drama that appears to have done away with strange and loud comedy–certainly something to look forward to.

    And I like the snow too. ;]

  3. I’ve seen 9 episodes of this drama and it’s wonderful!!! i like the characters a lot and any misunderstandings they have are very reasonable and realistic and they get solved fairly quickly (unlike some/almost all dramas) it’s very cute, funny and touching at times.

    i can’t wait until all the epis are out! (^.~)

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