Invincible Shan Bao Mei – Preview + Spoiler

I’m hugging my kneels in front of the computer and rocking back and forth on the chair, counting the number of tasks that must be crammed in within the next 13 days and debating whether or not I should test my endurance by writing recaps as usual.

Umm. Probably not.

So, to make up for the will-be lack of update, I’m posting the previews for today’s episode (namely episode 15) along with a spoiler and leave you hanging until I come back. 😀

Preview 1:

Brief Explanation: Shan Bao ushers Wu Di to face his big day. It, presumably, turns out well and as Wu Di walks home to Shan Bao, he tells her to prepare a cake for a celebration of two. Amidst the blissfulness, a bad omen looms overhead.

Preview 2:

Brief Explanation: Zu An saves Wu Di from a car accident, which leads to the discovery of Zu An’s pregnancy. (Makes you wonder how she managed to stay away from a miscarriage after having had an accident.) While on one side Shan Bao is happily preparing for Wu Di’s congratulatory party, on the other side, Zu An is hoping for a second chance with Wu Di.

Preview 3:

Brief Explanation: Knowing that Wu Di belongs to another woman, Zu An refuses to let Wu Di stay to take care of her. Decisions are forced and Shan Bao discovers, from Uncle, that Zu An is soon to be wed to Wu Di.


Brief Explanation: The cast celebrates Nicholas Teo’s birthday (Sun Wu Di). And the producer slips that Sun Yi Qun, Sun Wu Di’s dad will make his come-back to the drama. (It sounds as if he will come back in person, not as a ghost or a fragment of memory anymore.)

4 thoughts on “Invincible Shan Bao Mei – Preview + Spoiler”

  1. Thanks for the recaps! I’ve been reading instead of watching the episodes (because I still want to know how this will end XD).

    I can’t help but wonder how awkward the situation will be, as Nicholas Teo will be reprising the role of Sun Wu Di’s father, won’t he? The fake mustache in the first episode was disgusting. ;D

  2. ditto. the plot gets more and more ridiculous by the week and it’s getting painful to watch and even more painful to recap.

    at least, I learned that next time, I’ll have to choose what to recap more carefully.

  3. You certainly get points for endurance. The writers seems to have a bit of a “split personality” problem–not able to decide if they are going to do a funny series or heartbreaking drama. At this point I look forward to your recap more than the actual films…at least I can tell your brain is working. Best of luck these next few busy days. K

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