Love or Bread? – First Episode Impression


True to any TW dramas, Love or Bread is filled with fly-me-to-the-moon exaggeration, an oh-so-familiar constellation of convenient coincidences (with a touch of my personal alliteration, of course), and a central plot that revolves around the notion that love shouldn’t be bogged down by material pursuit.

There, I’ve covered the essential elements that are most salient to me (in the first episode) in one LONG sentence.

The solid acting from the main casts (Joe and Ariel) left a favorable first impression, although the side casts are as annoying as ever — alas, the most unfortunate and unnecessary necessity that comes with the whole TW drama package. This drama continues down the new trend where more and more anime/manga-style of dramatization are incorporated into storytelling. I don’t have a particular problem or preference with this type of exaggeration. Personally, I think it’s a style of visual representation and as long as it makes a point, it works.

I have not yet seen any blatant stupidity that will turn my interest in the most unflattering way (thank god!), but it’s only the first episode. So I will reserve the claim to recap this drama until I’ve seen enough. That’ll be.. probably 4 or 5 episodes into the drama. Or simply put, early/mid December.

Out of curiosity, how many of you would:

7 thoughts on “Love or Bread? – First Episode Impression”

  1. wow, 8743 words go, go, go!

    the polls wanted you to do the recap. hehe. but i guess we really have to wait if its all worth your time, right?

  2. i would really love you do a recap for this one!! im an avid fan your writing skills. hope you would do for korean tv series too. here i go again…

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