Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, New Trailer

Twilight is SO over rated. Don’t even get me started.

So I thought, it’d be nice if we reallocate our attention on… Harry Potter!

Ever since Warner Bros decided to postpone the Harry Fantasy Flick till next July, there hasn’t been any spoon feeding on the producer’s part to satisfy our ever so powerful HP appetite (aside from last month’s International Trailer). Now, (as of November 14th,) Warner Bros is finally gearing up to present us with a light-dark balanced preview to appease our craving for anything Magic.

Brace yourself for an onslaught of trailers! (Presented from oldest to newest.

For the brand new trailer, click on one of the source links (since WP won’t let me embed):

(Note: The second source link contains a better quality, viewer-friendly video. Just scroll to the middle and press play.)

[source 1][source 2]

For worldwide release dates, click here.

7 thoughts on “Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, New Trailer”

  1. I watched the new one over and over again! It’s a fantastic smorgasboard of mystery, humor, romance, and action! I’m extremely excited.

  2. ugh!! i hate WB for postponing HBP.
    that’s why i didn’t watch twilight, and plus i really don’t like it anyway.
    freakin’ twilight!! ugh, i’m so mad.
    the trailer makes me more mad because it’s so awesome and i wanna see the movie now!!!

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