A Month From Now…

A month from now, Jane Zhang is going to hold two concerts (Dec 6 and 13) in Beijing and Shanghai respectively AND release a brand new album since August of 2007. (Me so excited!!) [source]

Jane will be working with a new production team — namely the composer and lyricist Wawa (Chen YuZhen) and Keith Stuart — to bring forth a new musical dimension, gearing towards rock.

That’s it for the hype, now let’s listen to some music: 😀

After I Leave, from “Dear Jane” EP, released on December of 2007:

A Promise, from “Update” album, released on August of 2007:

This Damn Love, from “The One” album, released on October of 2006:

Okay, one more,

Thinking of You at 0:01, from “The One” album:

4 thoughts on “A Month From Now…”

  1. Yay more Jane Zhang goodness!

    (I still find it hard to believe she was only 3rd in the Super Girl competition… it’s like, where are all the talented people in China? TW doesn’t have anything on mainland, except for the promotional skillz.)

  2. Zhou Bi-Chang who placed 2nd is really good too. Remember the girl who duet the Chinese version of the Legend theme song, she placed 3rd (I think) in one of the later Super Girl competitions. Raw talent, man.

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