Bloody Monday Episode 3

Holding the gun at eye level, she stares into Fujimaru’s fearful eyes, a wicked half smile creeps upon her menace contorted face. She crooks her head and takes in the moment as she loads the gun. Then slowly, she bends her well manicured finger around the trigger, a millimeter, two millimeters… and boom.

The impact from the shot sent the two of them hurtling across the spacious living room. Curling up on the wooden floor and moaning like a scared cat, Maya’s crimson blood trickled down from her gracefully arced back and painted a grotesque picture of genuine surprise. She was being shot by a sniper from the roof of the adjacent hotel.

The police soon captured her and cleared up the mystery: When Fujimaru supposedly called Otoya, he dialed the number to connect himself to THIRD-i and kept the phone connected for two purposes. 1) The police can trace the call and locate his position for emergency (since he’s such a danger magnet) and 2) To somehow expose the Biology teacher with recorded evidence (which explains why he was so bold in asking her alibi for the Russian Christmas). (Of course, the temporal difference between Maya revealing her participation in the terrorist act and the time spent traveling from THIRD-i to the roof top is throughly disregarded.)

Although the spy was caught, the smile she wore as she was ushered away by the policemen was utterly unsettling to Fujimaru. Like it was she was awaiting an exciting show and she wanted him to know.

Meanwhile, the symptoms of Bloody-X virus started to manifest in the second victim.

Yet, something that was done to treat the nurse immediately after she was stabbed had worked to suppress the replication of the virus. If only they can pin point the particular procedure… The ring of a telephone interrupts the researcher’s train of thought (Anyone know his name? You know, the one that eats bananas like a gorilla.) The caller ID shows an unknown number, but the familiar voice is unmistakably Fujimaru’s father’s. Mr. Takagi is hiding somewhere near the lab and wants to meet with the researcher to discuss the details of Bloody-X. (He sure is well informed.)

The meeting takes place in a dark chemical storage room and the relevant information are exchanged. Before letting Takagi leave, the researcher offers his sincere help, if ever needed. As the two men part ways, a third figure looms overhead, lurking near the researcher. Revealing only as much as an infamous butterfly tattoo….

Inside THIRD-i, Maya is being electrocuted into submission while Fujimaru is on his way to meet the Fockers (oh ignore that, it’s a misfiring of the brain) head of THIRD-i. He calls Haruka in passing to explain that he may not be able to eat dinner with her. Haruka is unbothered by it, because she has Agent Sayuri to spend time with. After a little teasing, they fall into a silence, then Haruka asks, quietly, “Is… father okay?” Wondering the same question, Fujimaru replies after a pause, “He will be. He said to trust him, no matter what happens.”

In the confines of the prison cell, the tempter, Kamishima Shimon, continues to exercise his influence over the prison guard who is about to commit the biggest sin of his life. Kamishima had shown his ability to execute innocents without forming contacts with the outside world, if the guard wants someone killed, it can be done artfully, with secrecy. The deeply buried yearning and greed arouse excitedly within the guard, he decides to pluck the forbidden apple of original sin.

The researcher is kidnapped by the man with the butterfly tattoo, the security camera image is pulled out, revealing Takagi-San’s involvement in the kidnap. (Doesn’t it seem weird that the terrorist group wanted to erase the Christmas Massacre video because Maya was in it and here, the kidnappers blatantly walk into the crime scene, inviting the security camera to capture the entire process?) In any case, any former styptics that had believed in Fujimaru’s father’s innocence are now having second thoughts.

Maya finally agrees to take the police to the terrorist group. In one condition. Fujimaru must accompany her. Although drawn by curiosity, Maya’s smile still makes Fujimaru uneasy. Despite feelings of fear and anxiety, Fujimaru is certain that it’s his mission to stop the terrorist group at all cost in order to return to the quiet and peaceful life he once had. He agrees, fully aware of the danger awaiting him — but there are things worse than danger — deception.

The mind game has just begun.

Maya, Fujimaru, Agent Sayuri, and Agent Ikuma were being put in the same car to go to the destination Maya reveals during the interrogation. The four of them look away at the window, not intending to make conversation. Maya breaks the ice with a meaningful half smile, “Fujimaru-kun, do you know the real reason I want you to embark on this journey with me?” He looks towards her, alarmed. She chuckles, “Someone is waiting for you there.” Fujimaru widens his eyes. The agents exchange an alarmed look but said nothing. “That person is your father. Did you know, he’s one of us?” She smiles a self-satisfactory grin. Fujimaru couldn’t believe the stab that just punctured a hole in his chest, his father? A spy? He struggles in his seat to get to Maya, wanting to shake her violently until she admits that she’s lying. Agent Ikuma reaches out a hand to calm Fujimaru. “Don’t be fooled. This woman is using you.” The smile unfading, Maya continues, “If you don’t believe me, just ask the two people next to you. There is solid evidence.” (Makes you really wonder how information gets transmitted so quickly without any outside media.) “Is this true?” Fujimaru demands. The two agents look away ghastly. Betrayal of trust is one thing so daunting, Fujimaru hasn’t had the courage to even consider.

Maya gives a soft laugh, obviously enjoying the soft chirping of her crispy laughter. She narrows her eyes in an amused and malicious way, “By the way, one of the two agents near you is with us too.” “Stop that!” Agent Sayuri snaps sharply. “I know.” Fujimaru replies calmly.

The passengers fell silent as their thoughts and doubts wander into the tunnel with the car.

Suddenly, the driver interjects, “I think I’m being followed.” Agent Sayuri leans forward and confirms, “Yes, I think we’re being followed by a blue car.” Immediate action was done to exchange the cars and the four of them now seated in a smaller black car, driving to the destination accordingly. “How did they know this is the car we’re in?” Fujimaru wonders aloud. “That’s because one of the agents is a spy.” Maya readily injects the gaping opportunity with her venomous seed of suspicious. “We’ll know once we catch the men in the blue car.” Agent Ikuma replies casually. Something strikes a chord in Fujimaru’s brain, he says cautiously, “What did you just say?” “What?” the agent repeats, disoriented. “Nothing.” Fujimaru turns away.

In the mean time, a corpse is found in a waste yard. The man whom the guard wanted dead is mysteriously killed.

buried within the trash, is a dead man's hand

Back on the road, Fujimaru takes out his computer and quickly types a brief message to send to Agent Sayuri’s cell phone. The message tells Agent Sayuri that he believes Agent Ikuma is the spy and wants her to forward the message to Agent Goro (Ikuma’s newly appointed supervisor). They arrive at a secluded place, Maya instructs them to go on foot from that point on. This is the moment the long awaited impasse barge forward and places them in a difficult situation where cruel choices must be made.

Who should be the one to venture ahead and prepare themselves for potential attackers? Agent Ikuma volunteers. “What if he is the spy?” Maya suggests, amused by what she sees. “Then I’ll go.” Agent Sayuri cuts off. “What if she is the spy?” Maya smiles wider. “How about I cuff her here and we go together?” Sayuri compromises.

She cuffs Maya (which makes me uneasy that Maya is unattended) and follows Ikuma. Ikuma takes two cautious steps forward and pulls out his gun at Sayuri. “Drop your gun. NOW!” Her hands were already on her revolver, she pulls it out slowly and drops it in front of Fujimaru, cuing him to shoot the “spy”. He picks it up with shaky hands and aims it at Sayuri.

“What are you doing?!” She demands. “I’m aiming at the true spy.” Fujimaru replies, still trembling with fear. “What are you talking about?” “The text message I sent you, if you read the first line vertically, it exposes you as the spy.” Fujimaru explains. “How did you…” “Agent Ikuma’s words reminds me. You have said the car following us is blue, but at the time of the discovery, we were in a tunnel. In that kind of lighting condition, there is no way to tell what the color is. And yet, you knew.”

Hosho is the enemy.
Below the arrow, it reads: Hosho is the enemy.

As they speak, Maya sneaks behind Agent Ikuma. She hits him on the neck, causing him to fall and dropping the gun by Sayuri’s feet. She picks it up and aims it at Ikuma. “Shoot her!” Ikuma yells, “Now!”


The sound of the second gun shot stays suspended in air and marks the perfect period for this episode.

If this recap sounds confusing, then it probably is. But that can be helped. Drop me a note and I will see what I can do next time.

If you’re dying to read about the next episode, stuff your face with potato chips and come back later. Maybe it will be there then. Or maybe it won’t.

If you’re getting sick of my “if”s then this is the end of the recap.

PS: I just don’t think Fujimaru’s dad is a spy. I think he’s a double spy.

11 thoughts on “Bloody Monday Episode 3”

  1. Hmm….the part where the guy does the math calculation about 12.999 = 13 is wrong…

    this is what he did…
    10x = 129.999
    x = 12.999

    12.999 multiplied by 10 is 129.99, so if you complete the math the way he did it, you get back to 12.999, not 13.

    did anyone else pick up on this?

  2. ^ he’s just trying to make her feel better. you don’t necessarily have to buy into what he’s saying but he’s not wrong.

    he’s making a case that her time at 12.999 seconds is so close to 13s, that the 0.0001s, or 1 milisecond, is so instantaneous that the difference negligible. Therefore, theoretically speaking, she is at her desired running time for the given distance.

  3. No wat J was correct. Let me explain the right way for you guys.
    First let x=12.999
    2. multiplty both sides by 10 so it would be 10x=129.999
    3. then subtract 10x-x=129.999-12.999. This is the same thing as subtracting the same thing from both side since x=12.999.
    4. then it becomes 9x=117 now divide by 7.
    5. If you did it right then it would be x=13. So 12.999=13.
    People who really don’t know how to do math correctly gets these things screwed up.

    1. When you multiply 12.999 by 10 you get 129.99, don’t just pull another 9 out of your ass.
      Math speaking wise atleast. If you’re trying to flirt or comfort, it’s another matter.

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